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coming out under fire documentary, 02/14/94: (3.7K)
concubine in china, 01/25/94: (3Kb)
glb films by other filmmakers, 02/20/94: (8.7K)
greek lesbian director, 09/22/94: (613 bytes)
jeffrey goes to the movies, 01/26/94: (1.9K)
larry kramer review of philadelphia, 01/15/94: (13K)
one nation under god, 04/26/94: (2.7K)
philadelphia author fights back, 04/17/94: (2.5K)
philadelphia ebert review, 01/23/94: (5.5K)
philadelphia kramer review, 01/17/94: (16K)
philadelphia number one at box office, 01/16/94: (6.3K)
sam goldwyn theatres, 05/22/94: (1.2K)
stone butch blues to film, 01/15/94: (4.4K)
zero patience reviewed, 04/17/94: (2.8K)