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call for home movies for gay documentary, 08/04/98: (1Kb)
call for subjects for new documentary on family, 02/04/98: (2.6K)
censorship of gay themes in korea film festival, 01/02/98: (27K)
deadline for planetout queer short movie awards, 04/27/00: (2.3K)
domestic bliss video available, 05/09/00: (1.3K)
film confronts gay hate crimes, 01/20/98: (2.2K)
finalists announced for online movie awards, 06/05/00: (3.2K)
GLAAD and GLSTN praise object of my affection 04 13 98@: (4.3K, 4/20/1998)
GLAAD and GLSTN praise object of my affection, 04/13/98: (4.3K)
licensed to kill website, 10/12/98: (928 bytes)
queer short movie awards, 04/10/00: (2.4K)
rare east german gay film available on video, 07/31/00: (3.3K)
st johns international womens film and video festival, 04/17/00: (1.2K)
submission deadline for queer movie short awards, 05/12/00: (3.7K)
video shows subhuman conditions on NYC subway, 05/10/00: (2.7K)

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