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airlines offer benefits for samesex couples, 08/10/99: (4.6K)
AZ anti domestic partnership bill advances, 02/21/99: (2.7K)
baehr case on showtime, 06/11/99: (2Kb)
christian science monitor samesex marriage poll, 09/10/99: (1Kb)
domestic partnership consortium calls for support, 01/08/99: (7.5K)
florida county passes domestic partnership ordinance, 01/27/99: (2.6K)
florida domestic partnerships in jeopardy, 01/21/99: (1.9K)
florida domestic partnerships under attack, 01/24/99: (5.1K)
historic cyber wedding, 10/15/99: (2Kb)
majority of canadians say gays should be able to get married, 06/16/99: (11K)
mayor brown to host samesex wedding ceremony, 03/09/99: ()
methodist pastor faces trial over holy union, 02/26/99: (8.8K)
millennium march wedding to celebrate same sex marriage, 01/15/99: (3.1K)
mr right or mr right now, 01/17/99: (7.2K)
NY same sex marriage debate, 06/19/99: (2.8K)
oregon DOMA bill dies, 07/24/99: (2.2K)

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