12 Gods Benefit: The First Global Benefit For AIDS

Gay and Lesbian Parties on Mykonos 1-7 September 1996

For AIDS Fundraising

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The Announcement

Join thousands of gay men and women from Europe, North America, and Australia September 1-7 on Mykonos for a week of festivities.

The 12 Gods Party is the first truly global fund-raiser for AIDS. All of the net proceeds from ticket sales will benefit AIDS charities in several countries, including the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR), God's Love We Deliver (New York), the Casey House Foundation (Toronto), Ward 17 (Sydney), Helpis Home Care Program (Athens), and others.

The Festivities are presented under the auspices of the Center for Special Infection Control (KEEL) of Greek Ministry of Health.


Monday, September 2
Sunset Tea Dance

Wednesday, September 4
Apollo's Island Party

Friday, September 6
12 Gods Party

Shows and other entertainment are also scheduled throughout the week.

Tickets to the Events:

Event tickets can be purchased in advance. The number of admission tickets sold for each event is limited to 2500. Any unsold tickets will be made available for purchase at the door.

You can find more info in the following web sites:

A Report

Here is a description of the "First Global Benefit for AIDS" with numbers: The fundraising events brought 20,000 USD to american organizations for AIDS and 1,000,000 drachmas to "Elpida" (Association For the Support of People with hiv/aids (in Athens)). The festivities lasted for 7 days, from September 1rst to September 7th. The entrance to the parties costed from 3,000 drachmas (to the club "Factory") to 8,000 drachmas (to the "Hard Rock Cafe" and "Cavo Paradiso"). Participation was increasing day after day. And, -no surprise for Mykonos- the foreigners outnumbered the greeks. And finally, something that can not be counted in numbers, the were lots lots lots of fun!

For a full report on the festivities, refer to newspaper "O Pothos", issue number 5 (Oct. 1996).

A Slide Show

For a slide show of the events see

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