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Lesbians from all over the world, gather to Eressos, on the island of Lesbos, home of the famous ancient greek poetess, Sappho.

Lesbians who have visited Eressos have different and often contradictory stories to tell. Some are talking of events, celebrations, a lesbian camping and parties, that are organized there during the peak time of the gathering (around the 15th of August every year). Other women, visiting off-peak-season, say that Eressos was nothing like what they expected, nothing particularly lesbian there. And while some return disapointed, others can't wait to go back. Yet, a third party of lesbians who have been there several times over the past decade(s), meet a different crowd, the younger age groups outplacing the older and the greeks in increasing numbers among foreigners.

The greek mainstream newspapers sometimes refered to the lesbian gatherings in Eressos, in a negative way, usually reporting complaints of the local people of Lesbos, who appear to be disturbed by some lesbians' provocative -as they say- behaviour. But if these conflicts were true in older times, it seems that the local society is currently pretty tolerant, as the local economy of Erressos largely depends on tourism (on the women that keep visiting). Here is a report by a greek lesbian who visited Eressos in 1990 and in 1994 (The report is part of an article that was originally published in "Colt" magazine, issue ??, 1995, pages 88-95 (quoted here without prior permission)).

The lesbian magazine "Lavrys", as well as the feminist magazine "Katina", have also reported on the events and conflicts in Eressos. Here are some articles from the two magazines (mostly in Greek).

The summer lesbian communities at Eressos, has been the subject of scientific study by a postgraduate student of the University of the Aegean. The study was based on interviews with lesbians as well as with locals conducted in Eressos between June 3rd 1994 and October 6th of the same year. Here is a report on the study, originally published in "Madam Gou", issue 2, March 1996 (in greek) (Copied with permission).

Mykonos is often characterised as an international gay Mecca. Every summer the island attracts large international crowds both gay/lesbian and straight. Every place, from hotels to bars to beaches, tends to be mixed gay and straight, but gays also have their own extra space on the island. To the south is an array of beaches, which are mostly nude and mostly gay, the most famous of which is Super Paradise. Some gay bars in Mykonos, such as the O' Pierro's, have a decades long world wide fame.

The Mykonos Gay Guide is a personal homepage with useful infos about hotels, transportation, etc. The Gay Mykonos is another homepage which will show you around the island's bars, clubs, beaches, and much more.

Paros, the beatitiful island to the south of Mykonos is increasingly becoming popular among gay and lesbian travellers. Paros, absorbes the high season mykonian tourist overflux, as its proximity (2 hours by ferry) to Mykonos makes it ideal for one-day jaunts.
The north-easternmost beach at Agios Ioannis Monastiri, in Naousa bay (the last to the left facing the sea from the Monastery), is reputed to be the gay nude beach, but it tends to be pretty mixed when the nearby beaches are crowded. Gay cruising does occur however if not on the beach, then just behing it, at the tip of the promontory.

"Chez Linardo", a bar at Naoussa's northernmost square, as well as "Remezzo" cafe, opposite "Chez Linardo", have a gay reputation, but in fact they attract a mainstream crowd.

Andiparos, is the charming small island adjacent to Paros. Five minutes to the north of its only town, on its northernmost flattish sandy tip, lies the Agios Theologos beach. The further east to the beach you go, the more gays lesbians and nudists you are likely to encounter. Gay cruising does occur here, as well as on the islet of Dipla just to the north of the beach. To get to Dipla just swim or walk accross the shallow waters of the narrow strait.

Skiathos, the cosmoplitan tourist resort island of the Sporades, was often characterized as "the Mykonos of the Northern Aegean".
The bar "Adagio", at Evangelistrias Str., in Skiathos town, is a gay meeting spot well known to greeks and foreigners alike.
The nudist beach "Small Banana", at the south-westernmost tip of the island, is frequented by gays. To get there take the public bus to the famous "Koukounaries" beach and get off at the last stop. Then take the road to the beach "Banana" and proceed to the nudist "Small Banana".

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