Homosexuals' Initiative of Thessaloniki - O.P.O.TH.

[Omada Protovoulias Omofilofilon Thessalonikis - O.P.O.TH. (in greek)]

O.P.O.TH.: A Profile:

"Homosexuals' Initiative of Thessaloniki - O.P.O.TH.
POB 10839, GR-54110 Thessaloniki, Greece
(Please, omit the name O.P.O.TH. when sending heavy packages)
phone:094-414160, available every Tuesday 20:30-23:30

O.P.O.TH. was founded in November 1988. O.P.O.TH. fights for the right in homosexual desire. This means distributing information, psychological support (for those who need it), several activities in order to get people in touch with the real homosexual expression. We believe that the change in the way of thinking of the population and the neutralization of negative stereotypes in which the way of thinking of many people is trapped, as far as homosexual desire is concerned, is extremely important for the improvement of homosexual people's (and not only) life quality. Of cource we do not diregard that a supporting legislation is often needed, so as to have some specific problems solved (protection of working rights, equqlity under the law, equal recognition of legal rights and benefits for homosexual couples).

In this frame of reference, the most important regular activities O.P.O.TH. has been engaged in, in order to achieve its purposes, are:

At the same time there is a cource of interventions, under conditions that we think are suitable:

At long term, we tend to a policy of strong presence, information distribution and intervention with an audience consisting of the citizens rather than the aythorities.

We want and look forward to communicating and co-operating with other homosexual groups, in Greece and abroad. We keep in touch with ILGA, NGLTF, ILGHRC and other smaller groups. We also participate in the anti-information network operating in Greece. We also get in touch regurarly with organiztions for the defence of human rights, against racism for social minorities and groups that work for a society of equality, freedom and peaceful co-existance and co-operation of all people. However we mistrust the efficiency and mailnly the honesty of governmental organizations and state organs."

(Text by the O.P.O.TH., April 1996)

See also:
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At this site you will find another page concerning the O.P.O.TH.

Disclaimer: The info presented here is unofficial. I do not represent any of the above mentioned groups here or anywhere. Quoting passages that originate in the groups' leaflets, does not nesessarily mean that I adopt any opinions, explicit or implied, expressed in them.
Special thanks to to Irene of the EOK's Women Caucus, and to Aris from the O.P.O.TH., for their help in compiling and updating this page.

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