Cooperation to Fight Homophobia

[Symbraxi Kata tis Omofilofovias (in greek)]

At the dusk of 1995 a new gay group was founded in Thessaloniki. The "Cooperation Agsinst Homophobia" ("Symbraxi Kata tis Omofilofovias").

According to their mission statement their "organization aims to contribute to the extinction of homophobia and to improve the quality of life and relations between homosexuals, bisexuals and even heterosexuals, men and women in our society".

Even though at the dawn of its age, the "Cooperation" is very active, and following the evolution of the gay movement in the west, it is not a ghettoed group, but it has opened itself up to society, and it is cooparating with other governmental and non-governmental organizations, to more effectively persue its goals.

The group cooparate -among others- with the Thessaloniki chapter of the "Geniki Grammatia Neas Genias", the governmental organization for youth, as well as with the local "Committee Against Racism, Xenophobia, Antisemitism, and Intolerance", of the Council of Europe. In early sping 1996 the group together with EOK announced their cooperation in forming a panhellenic association of gay organizations.

Activities of the "Cooperation":

EOK-Chapter of Thessaloniki: "Cooperation Against Homophobia",
51 Philippou Str., 1rst floor, GR54631, Thessaloniki, Greece.
24 hour tel. line:031-249591

Disclaimer: The info presented here is unofficial. I do not represent any of the above mentioned groups here or anywhere. Quoting passages that originate in the groups' publications, does not nesessarily mean that I adopt any opinions, explicit or implied, expressed in them.
Special thanks to Nikos and Vagelis from the "Cooperation" for their help in setting up and updating this page.

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