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anheuser busch needs support for ad depicting gay men, 04/30/99: (4.8K)
blk: (89 bytes, 12/10/1992)
camille george michael and steam, 04/30/98: (5.2K)
[cyber sissie]
essence search for families, 05/12/99: (1.6K)
GLAAD newsmagazines year in review, 01/07/99: (12K)
golden threads and oloc: (735 bytes, 12/14/1996)
hero publishes first gay wedding guide for men, 07/19/00: (2.9K)
new alternative family magazine, 03/02/98: ()
newsweek article on exgay movement, 08/12/98: (2.3K)
oasis opens special matthew shepard website, 10/13/98: (1.5K)
online directory of gay publications, 10/04/98: (2Kb)
out magazine editor takes leave of absence, 03/04/99: ()
outsmart magazine: (358 bytes, 1/16/1996)
[pulse magazine] Pulse magazine
quarterly zine hook seeking writers and artists, 02/12/98: (977 bytes)
queer issue of southern exposure magazine, 04/10/00: (2.6K)
submissions sought from men in sex industry, 03/08/99: (779 bytes)
time article spotlights transgender movement, 07/17/98: (2.1K)
time magazine responds to larry kramer, 03/11/98: ()
[update] Southern California gay and lesbian newspaper

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