Greek Gay IRC Channels

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Channels on the Undernet

#gayhellas has until recently been the most popular greek gay IRC channel on the Undernet. #gaygr has now taken over, and is really busy on a 24 hour basis.
#LesGR is greek lesbian channel, also on the Undernet. #lezgreek is, as its name implies, a channel for greek lesbians, also on the Undernet (For a list of lesbian IRC channels on Undernet, Efnet, Dalnet, etc, see the
Girl Talk Site).
If you are unsure about what exactly is IRC and what it takes to connect, or if you don't know what exactly is Undernet and how you get connected, then this Undernet site is the indispensable guide for you.
All the above mentioned channels are registered. Go to, fill in and submit the forms to retrieve info about the channels, a list of its users, etc.
Other greek gay IRC channels, such as #gayathens, #gaysalonica, #gaymykonos, #greekboys, #eressos, etc., appear irregularly (not registered) on the Undernet.
Here you will find another web page about #gayhellas.

Channels on the GRnet

#gaybi and #gay97 are the two new greek gay channels on the GRnet. #gaybi is a channel by the EOK, and #gay97 is "deon" magazine's channel.
For information about GRnet (which servers to connect, etc.) go to the Greek IRC Network's site. For other details go to GRnet FAQ. See also this greek gay IRC channels page.

If you know any other greek gay IRC channels on the Undernet or any other Net, then please let me know.

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