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Lesbigay Workplace Issues Resource Directory

Revised May 30, 1996

Articles, reports, vendors of services, etc., dealing with gay, lesbian and bisexual workplace issues, including diversity management and domestic partnership benefits.

Compiled by Out at Work (Or Not)

Providing networking, resources and support for gay/lesbian/bisexual employee groups, employees, and the general business community.

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Welcome to the latest edition of Out at Work (Or Not)'s Lesbigay Workplace Issues Resource Directory. This bibliography contains a broad range of information sources relating to gay, lesbian, and bisexual workplace issues, from overview articles in general publications to in-depth reports in human resource journals, from "how-to" guides for organizing to sample domestic partnership policies. We hope you find the specific things you need, or general inspiration if that is what you're looking for.

We have copies of most of the items listed here and can send most of them to you. Some items may be proprietary and not available. There is no fee for these items, but contributions to help cover the costs of duplication and postage, and to support our ongoing work are always appreciated. Your contribution is not tax-deductible.

Please contact us with additions to this list.


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How to Find a Group at a Specific Company


Sample Lesbigay Support Group Organizational Documents and Newsletters

Conference Brochures, Program Books







See the section "How to Find a Group at a Specific Company" for that information.


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Workplace Project, 2320 17th St NW, Washington, D.C. 20009-2702; 202-332-6483 x3361; fax 202-332-0207; tty 202-332-6219,, Hosts an annual workplace issues conference, and has information such as lists of companies with domestic partnership benefits or with sexual orientation included in their nondiscrimination statements.

Hollywood Supports, 8455 Beverly Blvd., Suite 305, Los Angeles, CA 90048, 213-655-7705, fax 213-655-0955, for domestic partnership and sensitivity training, for HIV/AIDS seminars,, Richard Jennings, Executive Director. Advocates for domestic partnership benefits mainly in the entertainment industry. Excellent source for advice, sample policies, list of companies offering benefits, etc. (See Domestic Partnership--Sample Policies, below, for some of their materials.) Also has gay and HIV/AIDS seminars for business.

The Wall Street Project, 82 Wall Street, Suite 1105, New York, NY 10005-3601, 212-289-1741, fax 212-968-7962. Surveyed the Fortune 500 Service and Industrial Companies relating to sexual orientation; issued Equality Principles, code of conduct for corporations.

Human Rights Campaign, National Coming Out Project of the HRC Foundation. Wes Combs, director. 1101 14th St NW, Suite 200, Washington, D.C. 20005, 202-628-4160 or Þ800-866-NCOD, fax 202-347-5323, Also, HRC, in lobbying for the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act, has published an excellent booklet detailing examples of anti-gay workplace discrimination and a poll showing that most Americans support lesbigay workplace rights. Contact Michael Roybal ( at HRC.

Association Executives Human Rights Caucus, P.O. Box 60001, Chicago, IL 60660-0001, 312-743-6554, fax 312-338-4842, Focuses on the association management field.

CEO (Committee for Equal Opportunity) --A loose affiliation of people working on gay workplace issues nationally (e.g., benefits consultants, newsletter publishers, diversity trainers). Contact: Joe McCormack, McCormack & Assoc., 201 N. Figueroa St., Suite 700, Los Angeles, CA 90012, 213-975-1585.


Out at Work (Or Not), P.O. Box 359, Chicago, IL 60690-0359; 312-794-5218;, Networking, resources, and support for gay, lesbian and bisexual workplace organizations, individuals and the general business community. Focuses on the Chicago area.

The Workplace Alliance. An Association of Minnesota Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Employee Networks via the Gay & Lesbian Community Action Council, attention Scott Fearing, Sabathani Center, Suite 204, 310 E. 38th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55409; 612-822-0127, 800-800-0350;

Northwest GLEN. Northwest Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Employee Network, U.S. West Communications, 1915 Terry Avenue, Room 612, Seattle, WA 98101; 206-233-8050; Lee Kramer;

PROGRESS. Coalition of groups and individuals in California. P.O. Box 712505, Los Angeles, CA 90071-9998, 818-364-8935, fax 818-364-0696,

AGOG. A Group of Groups, P.O. Box 14513, San Francisco, CA 94114; 415-627-7533;,

Other Business/Workplace Groups, Mainly Chicago

CPNA, Chicago Professional Networking Association, 312-296-CPNA.

Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Teacher's Network (GLSTN), Chicago chapter, 312-792-4140, fax 312-728-7002, 5210 N Wayne, Chicago, IL 60640-2223.

Gay and Lesbian Organizations Bridging Across the Land (GLOBAL), 215-455-7667.

Gay Officers Action League (GOAL), for lesbian and gay police officers, Illinois Chapter, P.O. Box 578750, Chicago, IL 60657-8750, 312-409-4127.

HERE, Heartland Economic Resource Exchange, 3712 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60613, 312-661-9000.


Visit Out at Work's web page at The page includes a variety of resource material plus links to other useful sites. Also, several organizations' URL's are listed with their addresses in this directory.

Out at Work regularly sends workplace-related information to our email list. To join the list please send a note to

An excellent USENET newsgroup in which to view or participate in discussions about domestic partnership benefits can be joined by sending an email to "" Leave the subject line blank and type "subscribe domestic your email address " as your message. You will be sent a confirmation with a list of frequently asked questions.

Another resource is Digital Queers, Suite 150, 548 Castro St, San Francisco, CA 94114, 415-252-6282;,


Cracking the Corporate Closet: The 200 Best (and Worst) Companies to Work for, Buy from, and Invest in if You're Gay or Lesbian--and Even if You're Not, Daniel Baker, Sean Strub and Bill Henning, Harper/Collins, 1995, P.O. Box 1274, New York, NY 10113-0920, fax (212) 242-1963. Written in association with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute, this guide examines the policies toward gays and lesbians of more than 200 of America's largest companies.

Homosexual Issues in the Workplace, Louis Diamant, editor.

The 100 Best Companies for Gay Men and Lesbians, Ed Mickens, 1994, Pocketbooks. This guide includes an evaluation of 100 of the most gay-friendly companies. Also addressed are workplace issues, including: coming out, discrimination and harassment, domestic partnership benefits, labor unions, employee associations and more.

Gay Issues in the Workplace, Brian McNaught, St. Martin's Press. Corporate consultant Brian McNaught shows businesspeople and corporate managers how anti-gay bias impacts the entire work force and harms productivity.

The Gay Male's Odyssey in the Corporate World: From Disempowerment to Empowerment, Gerald V. Miller, Harrington Park Press, Binghamton, NY, 1995, $14.95, 800-342-9678.

A Manager's Guide to Sexual Orientation in the Workplace, Robert Powers and Alan Ellis, Routledge, ISBN 0-415-91277-6, 1995, $25. Aimed at CEOs, human resource directors and managers, this book gives the life stories of 13 diverse workers and seeks to provide ideas on how to create a supportive, inclusive workplace. Sample chapters: "Gaining Skills, Techniques for Managers," and "Making it Work: Diversity in Action." (See our review.)

Out in the Workplace, Richard Rasi and Lourdes Rodriguez-Nogues, Alyson Publications, Boston, 1995, 617-542-5679. Stories of 26 people regarding sexual orientation in the workplace.

Straight Jobs, Gay Lives - Gay and Lesbian Professionals, The Harvard Business School, and the American Workplace, Sharon Silverstein and Annette Friskopp, Simon and Schuster (Scribners), 1995, $32.50. Contact authors at 3525 Del Mar Heights Rd #384, San Diego, CA 92130,, Based on over 100 interviews with gay and lesbian alumni of the Harvard Business School.

Straight Talk About Gays in the Workplace: Creating an Inclusive, Productive Environment for Everyone in Your Organization, Liz Winfeld, Amacom (division of the American Management Association, 1995, ISBN 0-8144-0305-0 $21.95. Sample chapters:

The Corporate Closet: The Professional Lives of Gay Men in America, James D. Woods and Jay Lucas, 1993, Free Press. Drawing on hundreds of interviews with men across the country, explores the professional lives of gay men and their strategies for managing sexual identity at work.


Clout! Business Report, For Gay, Lesbian and Supportive Business Owners, Senior Executives, Professionals & Entrepreneurs, Lambda Publications, 1115 W Belmont, #2-D, Chicago, IL 60657, 312-871-7610, fax 312-871-7609,, quarterly.

Victory Magazine: Gay and Lesbian Business, ISG Publications, 2261 Market #296, San Francisco, CA 94114, 800-429-2874, fax 510-215-0812,; 6 issues/year.

"Workline" column, The Advocate, every other month.

Neither of the following has published recently except for one issue of the Corporate Letter in August 1995; back issues may be available:


How to Find a Group at a Specific Company

Contacts Via Out at Work (Or Not), Chicago Area

Active employee groups or stron contacts exist in Chicago-area locations of these companies. We have less active contacts at about 200 other organizations. To be put in touch with people who work at any of these organizations, please call us at 312-794-5218.

Contacts via NGLTF Workplace Project

To obtain contact list, contact National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Workplace Project, 2320 17th St NW, Washington, D.C., 20009; 202-332-6483 x3361, fax 202-332-0207;

Contacts at companies/organizations such as: 3M, AFL-CIO Region VI, AFSCME, AT&T, AT&T/Lucent Technologies, AT&T/NCR Corporation, Abell Consulting, Adjunct Faculty Inc., Adobe, Alameda County, CA, Alianza Dominicana Inc., American Airlines, American Express, American President Co., Ameritech, Apple Computer, Bank of America, Bell Atlantic, Bellcore, Buffalo Exchange, CA Dept. of Corrections, COR Communications, Caesar's Palace, Cal. State Automobile Assn., Cal. State Univ., Sacramento, Charles Schwab & Co., Chevron Corporation, Clorox, Coors Brewing Company, CoreStates, DHL Airways Inc., DVI/Guidant, EGALE, Eastman Kodak, Equality Colorado, Fair Isaac & Co., Federal GLOBE, Federal Reserve Bank, First Union Bank, Genentech, General Mills Inc., General Motors, George Simons International, United Airlines, Group Health Cooperative University of Illinois, Gump's, Hewlett Packard Co., IBM, Intel Corporation, JGJ & Associates, Jovan Enterprises, Kaiser Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, Levi Strauss, Lotus Development Corp., McDonalds Corp., Medtronic Inc., Multnomah County, OR, Nestle Food Company, Novell Inc., Oracle Corp., Pacific Bell, Pacific Enterprises, Pacific Gas & Electric, Positvie Resource, Proctor & Gamble, Prudential Insurance, Prudential Securities, Prudential Service Bureau, Qualcomm Inc., San Francisco Unified School District, San Jose State University, Sandia National Labs, Santa Clara County, CA, Santa Rosa Junior College, St. Paul Companies, State of Connecticut, Success By Design, Sun Microsystems, Synergy Group, The Mentor Group, United Airlines, U.C. Berkeley, U.C. San Diego, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, U.S. Dept. of Education, U.S. Forest Service, United Way, University of Oregon, University of the Pacific, V Management, Visa International, Walt Disney Co., Washington Fed. of State Employees, Wells Fargo Bank, Wolfe Video, Xerox Corporation

Contacts via the Workplace Alliance (Minnesota) and Gays, Lesbians and Friends of Honeywell, Inc.

For the Workplace Alliance, contact Scott Fearing, Gay & Lesbian Community Action Council, Sabathani Center, Suite 204, 310 E. 38th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55409, 612-822-0127, 800-800-0350,

Among their contacts are: 3M, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Communications Workers of America, Control Data, Cray Research, Dayton/Hudson, Digital, Faegre & Benson, FMC, General Mills, Group Health, Health One, Honeywell, Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union, IBM, IDS Financial, IRS, Macalester College, Methodist Hospital, Northern States Power, Northgate Computers, Pillsbury/Grand Met, Prudential, St. Paul Companies, Star Tribune, Unisys, US Postal Service, University of MN, US West, Walker Art Center, ZEOS International.

Contacts via Northwest GLEN (Northwest Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Employee Network)

U.S. West Communications, 1915 Terry Avenue, Room 612, Seattle, WA 98101; 206-233-8050; Lee Kramer;

Contacts for: Adobe Systems, Inc. Gay and Lesbian Employees, BEAGLES--Boeing Employee Association of Gays and Lesbians, EAGLE--Employee Association of Gays and Lesbians (at US West), GALAKCE--Gay and Lesbian Association of King County Employees, GALE--Gay and Lesbian Employees (Group Health Cooperative), GLEAM--Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Employees at Microsoft, GLOBE Intel, GLUE--Gay and Lesbian University Employees, GLSE--Association of Gay & Lesbian Washington State Employees, SAFECO Insurance Employees, SEAGL--Seattle Employee Association of Gays and Lesbians

Contacts via Hollywood Suppports

Contact Richard Jennings, 8455 Beverly Blvd, Suite 305, Los Angeles, CA 90048; 213-655-7705, fax 213-655-0955,,

Contacts for many entertainment/media companies (call for specific list).

Contacts via AGOG, San Francisco

AGOG, P.O. Box 14513, San Francisco, CA 94114; 415-627-7533;,

Contacts at companies/organizations such as: Affymetrix, American Express, Apple, AT&T, Bank of America, California Casualty, Charles Schwab, Chevron, Ellipse, the EPA, Farallon, Genentech, HP, IBM, Intel, Kaiser Permanente, Levi-Strauss, Lockheed, Microsoft, NASA Ames Research Center, Nestle' Beverage, Oracle, Pacific Telesis, Perkin Elmer, PG&E, Rolm, Saint Luke's Hospital, SF District Attorney's Office, SFSU, SM County, Spectrum SupportNet, Sun Microsystems, Sybase, Syntex, United Way of the Bay Area, Visa, Wells Fargo

Contacts via PROGRESS, California

For specific contacts contact PROGRESS at 10061 Riverside Drive #288, Toluca Lake, CA 91602, 818-364-8935,

Contacts at companies/organizations such as: VISA, Walt Disney, Xerox, Levi Strauss, Charles Schwab, Apple, AT&T, Bank of America, Coors Brewing, Genentech, Kaiser Permanente, MGM/UA, Nestle, Pacific Bell.


Organizing Around Lesbian and Gay Workplace Issues: How to Start a Group; Out at Work (Or Not), 1993. (Revised 1996)

Organizing Around Lesbian and Gay Workplace Issues: How to Start a Group; NGLTF Workplace Project, 1993. Methodology for forming any organization (e.g., define mission, figure out what resources you'll need, etc.)

Sample Lesbigay Support Group Organizational Documents and Newsletters

Mission statements, brochures, bylaws, organizational structures



"This Employee Is Being Terminated Due to Violation of Company Policy. The Employee Is Gay." Documented Cases of Job Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation. Human Rights Campaign, 1995; 1101 14th St NW, Suite 200, Washington, D.C. 20005; 202-628-4160, fax 202-347-5323, Michael Roybal. See the text at

Sample Proposal to Add Sexual Orientation to EEO Statement and Recognize the Lesbigay Employee Group of a Fortune 500 company.

List of organizations who either have sexual orientation clause as part of policy or are subject to laws relating to sexual orientation, 12-6-95.

"Message from Gays and Lesbians: We're Part of Xerox, and We Want to Contribute," Xerox World (company newsletter), 1995.

ComEd letter endorsing Illinois Human Rights bill, March 30, 1995.

ComEd EEO Statement

The Power of Being a Good Neighbor, ComEd publication highlighting employees' community involvement includes photo of lesbigay employees volunteering for State of Illinois AIDS Hotline, 1995.

Quaker Oats "A Safe Place" Group Creation Announcement in Company Newsletter, 3-94.

Honeywell Pride: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Workplace,ÞHigh quality publication given to all new hires discussing purpose of diversity program, company policies, etc. Extremely impressive!

"Out on a Job Interview?," Gay Chicago Magazine, May 12-22, 1994, p. 72. By John Kinyon, based on presentation at an Out at Work meeting by Jim Phetterplace. Suggests ways to gauge if a company will be lesbigay-friendly, and discusses pros and cons of coming out at different times.

Fortune 1000 Survey results, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, October 15, 1993. Shows that at least 25% of Fortune 1000 include sexual orientation in their nondiscrimination policies.

"Fourteen Ways You Can Make a Difference," Horizons Community Services, October 1994. Suggestions for anyone seeking to make the workplace better for lesbigays (especially geared to those unfamiliar with lesbigay issues). 1 page of bullet points.

How to Begin Addressing Heterosexism and Homophobia in the Workplace, Reasons to Address Sexual Orientation and Gender Identification Issues in the Workplace, MultiVersity Associates, 1992. 3 pages with bullet points and short text.

How to Be Supportive of Gays and Lesbians, DuPont.

How Can I Be Supportive of Co-Workers Who Are Gay or Lesbian?, LEAGUE-NI, 5-20-91.

"How Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Impacts People in the Workplace," Gay & Lesbian Community Action Council, Minneapolis. Includes definition of family and demographic data.

Outlines from LEAGUE (AT&T) for a sexual orientation diversity training session.

Compilation of Results from a Large Chicago Company Lesbigay Employee Group Membership Survey; November 1993.

Sample Survey (blank) of Workplace Climate, developed by the Lesbian and Gay Postal Employees Network, Minneapolis.

Pride at Work: Organizing for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Unions; Lesbian and Gay Labor Network of New York, Miriam Frank and Desma Holcomb, P.O. Box 1159, Peter Stuyvesant Station, New York, NY 10009. 1990? 100 pages, $5. Useful for non-union employers, too. General discussion of non-discrimination clauses, domestic partnership, AIDS in the workplace. Case studies, but not specific wording.

Drawn from bibliography in Pride at Work (we don't have these available):

People who've bargained for domestic partnership rights:


"As More Firms Extend Welcome, Gays Gain Visibility in Workplace," Stephen Franklin, Chicago Tribune, Business section pp 1, 6, January 8, 1996.

Report on Survey of Business Schools, Business Wire Features, December 26, 1995.

"Georgia Gay Workers Find Non-Discrimination Clauses Make Work a Bit Safer," Laurie Aucoin, Columbus Ledger-Equirer, Ga., Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News, December 2, 1995.

"Teachers: Risking All to Be Out," David James, Clout! Business Report, December 1995, p 14.

"Corporate Support for Non-Profits: Serving Gays a Win-Win Situation," Barbara Talisman, Clout! Business Report, December 1995, p 26.

"Lobbying for Rights: How the Illinois Federation Convinced Leading Companies to Back Gay Rights," Leigh Carter, Clout! Business Report, December 1995, p 27.

Clinton Backs ENDA, 2 articles: Steve Holland, Reuter, October 20, 1995 and Steven A. Holmes, NY Times News Service.

Clinton Endorses ENDA, Ann Devroy, Washington Post, October 19, 1995.

"Gay-Bias Despite a Politically Correct Human Resource Policy - corporate culture lags policy?" Sherri Eng, San Jose Mercury News, Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News, September 30, 1995.

"Seagram's Steve Herbits Is Out and Active in Corporate World," Trudy Ring, Clout! Business Report, p 25, September 1995.

"Gay Man Sparks Change at Ameritech," Cathy Seabaugh, Clout! Business Report, p 24, September 1995.

"New York Gay Group Develops Corporate Code - Wall Street Project Hopes for Support as Business Recognizes `Economic Clout,' " Peter Freiberg, Windy City Times, June 15, 1995.

"Books Aim to Level Paying Field for Gays, Lesbians," Carol Kleiman, Chicago Tribune, June 11, 1995, Jobs section p 1.

From Clout! Business Report, June 1995:

"Equality Principles Set Goals of Fairness for Corporate America," The Wall Street Project, May 4, 1995. Sets forth a code of conduct for corporations. For contact info. see The Wall Street Project in section "National Organizations."

"Out of the Closet: the gay market is becoming more visible...," Hazel Kahan and David Mulryan, American Demographics, pp 41-47, May 1995.

"Gay, Lesbian Rights Gain Support - 3 Companies Endorse Equality in Housing, Jobs, Accommodations," Jean Latz Griffin, Chicago Tribune, April 17, 1995.

"Doer's Profile," featuring Brian McNaught, Training & Development, March 1995.

"Coming Out in Corporate America," Jason Cohen, letter to the editor in Windy City Times, February 9, 1995. Discusses danger of radical right to workplace gains.

"ComEd Policy Bars Anti-Gay Bias," David Olson, Windy City Times, pp 1, 7, 10, December 22, 1994.

"Special Report: Gay-Friendly Corporate America--U.S. Companies Face Right-Wing Attacks for Advancing Civil Rights," Windy City Times, Elizabeth Wallace, December 8, 1994, p 20. Includes corporate and insurance company executives talking about low cost of domestic partnership benefits.

"Corporate Conference Addresses Gay Issues on the Job," Windy City Times, Elizabeth Wallace, November 3, 1994, pp 4, 18.

"Sexual Orientation at Work," Liz Winfeld and Sue Spielman, Cultural Diversity at Work, November 1994.

"Business Lauded for Role in Guarding Gay Rights," Frank Trejo, Dallas Morning News, October 12, 1994.

"For Gays at Work, It's Still a Struggle," Chicago Sun-Times, October 11, 1994, Greg Dalton and Patricia Moore.

"Area Firms Lauded on Gay Bias Policies--62% of 50 Big Companies Bar Discrimination, Topping U.S. Average," Kara Swisher, The Washington Post, Business Section, C-2, October 11, 1994.

"An Air Traffic Controller Comes Out for Gay Rights," Chicago Tribune, Terry Wilson, October 10, 1994, Section 2, p. 3.

"Area Companies Facing Sex Orientation Issues," Tom Giordano and Joy Haenlein, The [Stamford, CT] Advocate, October 10, 1994.

"Biz Closets Won't Empty With Out Day: Time to Tell Co-Workers, 'I'm Gay'?," Crain's Chicago Business, Joanne Cleaver, October 10-16, 1994.

"Lesbians and Gays Out at Work," Outlines, October 1994, p 46. Interviews with Norma Sandowski, Bob Singer, Vicky Cavallaro.

History of workplace organizing in Minneapolis, Inforum, newsletter of Gay and Lesbian Community Action Council, October 1994.

"Gays at Home in High Tech," Computerworld, Ellis Booker, September 26, 1994, p 1, plus reaction letters to the editor in later issue.

"The Most Difficult Diversity of All," Liz Winfeld, Managing Diversity, September 1994.

"The Journey's the Thing, They Say," Outnow, by Ron Hayden, text from e-mail. Inspirational about the challenges of workplace activism and theÞ need to persevere.

"Gay Workers Earn Less than Non-Gay People in Same Jobs: First Scientific Study of Anti-Gay Job Discrimination Questions Myth of `Gay Elite,' " University of Maryland at College Park, School of Public Affairs, August 16, 1994.

"Is There a Lavender Glass Ceiling?" Ed Mickens, Workline column, The Advocate, July 12, 1994.

"Smooth Ride So Far for Gay/Lesbian Group at CTA," Windy City Times, May 26, 1994, p. 1.

"Gay at the Office," Gay Chicago, April 28, 1994, pp. 30-32.

"Gentleman's Agreement--Annals of Law," The New Yorker, June 13, 1994, James B. Stewart, pp. 74-82, plus subsequent letters to the editor. Well written; outlines a case of serious, but legal, discrimination.

"Sexual Orientation: Training Can Help to Promote Tolerance," James Monroe Smith, HRfocus of the American Management Association, January 1994.

"Unlocking the Corporate Closet," Training & Developments, Jay Lucas and Mark Kaplan, January 1994, pp. 35-38.

"Wall Street Project," Training & Development, December 1993.

"Doors Opening in Corporate World," Outlines, November 1993.

"Gay Employees Give Up Privacy for Work Rights," Chicago Sun-Times, October 25, 1993, Janet Kidd Stewart, p 45.

"Out at the Office: The Movement's Last Frontier?-As Corporations Become More Conscious of Diversity, Gays Feel More Comfortable," Windy City Times, October 14, 1993, Lance Ringel, p 4.

"Is This the Right Time to Come Out?-The corporate culture is traditional. The star employee is gay and wants to bring his partner to a company/client function," Harvard Business Review, July-August, 1993, Alistair D. Williamson, Þpp. 18-27(?).

"The Unfolding of Gay Culture-An executive search firm for gay talent is just one example of a changing workplace," New York Times, June 27, 1993, Barbara Presley Noble, section F, p 23.

"Scenes From an Office," Windy City Times, June 24, 1993, Niall Lynch, section 1, p 8. Humor.

"Recognizing Sexual Orientation Is Fair and Not Costly," Michelle Neely Martinez, HR Magazine, pp 66-72, June 1993.

"Gays Confront Lavender Ceiling," Los Angeles Times, May 17, 1993, Denise Hamilton, pp. 14-15.

"Being `Out' at the Top Finds New Tolerance-The corporate world is learning to accept and support openly gay or lesbian executives," New York Times, July 11, 1993, p ?.

"Out at Work Helps Gays in Workplace," Pioneer Press (Evanston Review, etc.), August 19, 1993, Ruth Solomon, p. 29.

"Traps of the Corporate Closet-'I keep my private life private' is about as reasonable as Senator Nunn's `don't ask, don't tell,' James D. Woods explains" Out, Aug/Sept, 1993.

"A Quiet Liberation for Gay and Lesbian Employees," New York Times, June 13, 1993, Barbara Presley Noble, p. 4.

"Three Dollar Bills," Time, March 23, 1992, Andrew Tobias, p. 47. Essay on tolerance, corporate groups.

"Gay in Corporate America, Fortune, December 16, 1991, Thomas A. Stewart, pp. 42-56.

"Diversity With a Difference: Some companies have included sexual orientation issues in training programs and employee benefits," HRfocus, December 1991, Bob Smith, American Management Association, p. 5.

"Out of the Closet: Gay employee groups are creating support networks, educating co-workers and pushing for reform in provision of benefits," Personnel Journal, June 1991, George Kronenberger, pp. 40-44.

The author was a leader of Pacific Gas & Electric's gay employee group and a company EEO officer. Later was head of NGLTF Workplace Project.

Conference Brochures, Program Books

(Includes names of speakers, workshops, plenary session topics, etc.)

Invitation/brochure for 1995 GLOBAL Leadership Conference with a sub-focus on workplace groups.

Brochure for November 1995 NGLTF Creating Change conference with workplace organizing roundtable.

PROGRESS (California group), October 1995.

Leadership 95 - New Tools and New Energy for Lesbigay Workplace Organizers, Out at Work (Or Not), April 1995.

The Information Highway and You: You're Queer, But Are You Wired?, Tim Hickernell, handout from presentation at Leadership 95 - New Tools and New Energy for Lesbigay Workplace Organizers, Out at Work (Or Not), April 1995.

Out and Equal in the `90s: The Fourth Annual Workplace Issues Conference, NGLTF Workplace Project, et. al., Denver, CO, October 1994.

Gay and Lesbian Issues in the Workplace; Horizons Community Services, Chicago, October 1994.

Working It Out: Toward a Gay Friendly Workplace, program brochure, October 11, 1994, Washington, D.C. NCOD event.

Toward a New Diversity--Gay and Lesbian Issues in the Workplace, conference brochure, Horizons Community Services, Chicago, October 1993.


Lists of Organizations Providing Various Levels of Domestic Partnership Benefits

Hollywood Supports List, 9-20-95. For updates contact them at 213-655-7705, fax 213-655-0955,,

Human Rights Campaign,

Queer Resources Directory,

A DP list specifying which benefits are offered, source unknown, October 19, 1994.

NGLTF List, 6-20-94. For updates, call them at 202-332-6483, x3361, fax 202-332-0207.

A small list, but including several contact people, 4-22-94; The Workplace Alliance, via Gay and Lesbian Community Action Council, 612-822-0127.

Detailed Reports, Studies

DP Benefits Taxation Issues, brief discussion from Queer Resources Directory, 9-22-94.

"Employer Health Coverage for Domestic Partners--Identifying the Issues," Employee Relations, Linda M. Laarman, v. 18, # 4, Spring 1993, pp. 567-580.

DP Benefits Seminar Outline, prepared by Robert L. Quinan, Jr., Esq., Bingham, Dana & Gould, 150 Federal St, Boston, MA 02110-1726, 617-951-8753,

Executive Letter, v. 17, #1&2, 1993. The Segal Company, 101 N Wacker Drive, Suite 500, Chicago, IL 60606-7376, 312-984-8500; also at 116 Huntington Ave., Boston 02116, 617-424-7300, Andrew Sherman, V.P.

Well presented, positive report from this benefits consulting firm plus overheads from a presentation and an outline of how to organize a DP discussion or proposal.

"Domestic Partnership Benefits: Legal and Tax Issues," copy of slides presented at Horizons Community Services "Toward a New Diversity-gay and lesbian issues in the workplace" conference, October 21, 1993, by Steve Hargrove of Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund. Includes tax info, case studies, sample affidavit, list of co.'s with DP.

Work-Family Roundtable, Diverse Families, The Conference Board, Inc., 845 3rd Ave., New York, NY 10022-6601, v. 3 #1, Spring 1993. ÞExplores the definition of family and how it is changing. Lots of statistics; aimed at HR decisionmakers. Brief case studies of different companies, EAP perspective.

"Bulletin: Coverage of Domestic Partners Under an Employee Benefit Program," William M. Mercer, Inc., number 212, February 1993, 1166 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036, 212-345-7130.

Special Issue on Domestic Partnership, Partners, Magazine for Gay & Lesbian Couples, same address as above, spring 1992, $5?. Includes a sample affidavit of domestic partnership, case studies.

Domestic Partnership Packet; Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, 666 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, (212) 995-8585; $15 + $3 P&H.

Benefits for the Domestic Partners of Gay and Lesbian Employees at Lotus Development Corporations, Research Paper, Catherine Iannuzzo and Alexandra Pinck, November 1991.

Domestic Partners and Employee Benefits, Research Paper, Hewitt Associates, 100 Half Day Road, Lincolnshire, IL 60069. 1991. Author: Loralie Van Sluys, (847) 295-5000. 20 pages, $10.

Hewitt is a highly respected benefits consultant. This is a professional looking document, probably good for showing to management. High level overview, includes discussion of tax implications, difficulty of finding an insurer, high-level case studies.
Draft revision to Hewitt's report, 1994.

Special Issue on National Survey Results, Partners, Magazine for Gay & Lesbian Couples, same address as above, May/June 1990, $5. Survey results documenting the stability of gay and lesbian couples (e.g., average relationship length: 6 years).

Might be good to show to management.

IRS letter to the Writers' Guild saying they wouldn't lose important legal status by implementing DP.

Two tables showing cost of DP and amount of plan enrollment shift. Date and source unkown.

AT&T DP presentation slides addressing cost issues and "Why Institute DP?" Date unknown.

Various articles from BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter, generally reports of court, legislative and collective bargaining actions, plus announcements of DP being adopted at various companies.

Sample Domestic Partnership Proposals, Policies, Affidavits

"Model Documents for Extending Group Health Coverage to Employees' Domestic Partners," Hollywood Supports Domestic Partner Task Force, fall 1994, overview, includes sample affidavit, policy, tax info, enrollment info.

Proposal for Domestic Partnership Recognition, presentation to the diversity workforce council of the Minneapolis Star Tribune by Paper Eagles, Stephanie Grey.

Same Sex Domestic Partner Benefits Materials, University of Minnesota, Dr. Marjorie Cowmeadow, 2-23-94. Emphasis on universities; includes proposal, contact people.

Drawn from its bibliography:

Domestic Partnership Benefits at IDS

Materials from Lotus (affidavits & policy)

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Generic sample affidavit with tax info., 2-5-93.

Levi Strauss & Co. policy; Q&A and enrollment form.

Polaroid Corp.--proposal from the gay employee group for DP benefits.

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Lotus policy/enrollment forms

NeXT Computer, policy and affidavit

Fannie Mae, policy and affidavit

Microsoft, policy

Benefits Consultants with Knowledge or Specialty in Domestic Partnership

The Segal Company, Andrew Sherman, V.P., 116 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02116-5712; 617-424-7337. In Chicago: 101 N Wacker Drive, Suite 500, 60606-7376, 312-984-8500

Hewitt Associates, 100 Half Day Road, Lincolnshire, IL 60069. 1991. (847) 295-5000.

General Articles

Eastman Kodak Offers DP Benefits, February 7, 1996, source unknown.

"Aetna Insurance to Underwrite Domestic-Partners Policies," Windy City Times, January 11, 1996.

MGM announces DP, UPI, January 2, 1996.

"More American Companies Are Offering Gay Partner Benefits," by Diana Kunde, The Dallas Morning News, Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News, November 28, 1995.

"Critics Claim Disney's Policy Is Anti-Family, Del Jones and Anne Willette, USA Today, p 1B, October 19(?), 1995.

Walt Disney announces DP, Thomas King, The Wall Street Journal, October 6, 1995.

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Xerox announces DP, from the Associated Press, April 14, 1995.

"More Firms Giving Benefits to Gay Employees' Partners," Providence Journal, April 2, 1995.

"More Firms Offer Health Benefits to 'Domestic Partners,' " Washington Post, Saundra Torry, January 1, 1995.ÞSeven Washington, D.C. law firms announce they are adding DP.

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Diversity Consultants with Gay/Lesbian Focus

Common Ground, 10 Home Ave, Natick, MA 01760; 508-651-1476, fax 508-651-2547,; Liz Winfeld.

G&L Consultants, Keith L. Langeneckert, Owner/Consultant, Training & Workshops in Diversity Topics, Specializing in Homophobia and Heterosexism, 1134 Marble Drive, Boulder, CO 80303, (303) 494-8128, Internet:

Kaplan, Lucas, and Associates Jay Kaplan, Suite 212 N, 221 S. 12th St. Philadelphia, PA 19107, 215-932-1203

Brian McNaught, presents lesbigay sensitivity training at companies such as AT&T. 212-336-5640. Videos: On Being Gay: A Conversation with Brian McNaught, 1986; Gay Issues in the Workplace: Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Employees Speak for Themselves, 1993. Book: Gay Issues in the Workplace.

Horizons Community Services, 961 W Montana, Chicago, IL 60614, 312-472-6469, TDD 312-327-4357. Chicago's premier lesbigay social services agency, with a long record of presenting lesbigay lives and issues to the Chicago community.

KC Business Directions, 500 N Michigan Ave, Suite 430, Chicago, IL 60611, 312-494-1640. Cathie Kopecky, Judith Lansky.

Reports, Policies

"Diverse Groups Can Outperform Homogenous Groups, from The Melting Pot Bubbles Less," The Economist, August 7, 1993.

"The Business Case for Diversity at Lotus."

"AT&T: A Case for Diversity."

Kraft USA Diversity Programs: 'Part of Building the Business,' 6-15-94.

"DuPont's Diversity Brings Benefits," advertisement in American Visions Magazine, April/May 1992.

Digital Corporate Policy Regarding Diversity, in-depth.

Diversity: What's the Difference?, Minneapolis Star Tribune Diverse Workforce Council.

Minnesota Children's Medical Center Policy, Goals, Q&A.

Star Tribune EEO/AA Policy Satement.

3M Affirmative Action Policy Statement

Northern States Power Co. EEO Policy

Northern Trust Diversity Newsletters

AT&T Diversity Newsletter

Commonwealth Edison Diversity Newsletter

Company Profiles

"HR's Vital Role at Levi Strauss: HR participates in every major business decision, and every HR program directly supports a business goal. The payoff is enormous," Personnel Journal, December 1992, Jennifer J. Laabs, pp. 34-46.

"Ben & Jerry's Caring Capitalism: Ben & Jerry's social responsibility philosophy is to create a rich quality of life for a broad community, beginning with its own employees," Personnel Journal, November 1992, Jennifer J. Laabs, pp. 50-57.


"Out in the Workplace: Current Legal Issues in Sexual Orientation Discrimination," American Association of Law Libraries 88th Annual Meeting, July 18, 1995, Tobin A. Sparling, moderator, 11 page handout. Brief discussion of legislation, legal remedies, Title VII, text of ENDA.

"Out in the Workplace: Current Legal Issues in Sexual Orientation Discrimination: A Bibliography," American Association of Law Libraries 88th Annual Meeting, Tobin A. Sparling, moderator, July 18, 1995.

City of Chicago, Commission on Human Relations: Description of the process for investigation and adjudication of discrimination complaints. Commission on Human Relations (312) 744-4111; TDD: (312) 744-1088; Fax: (312) 744-1081.

Cook County, Commission on Human Rights: Guide to Filing Complaints at the Cook County Commission on Human Rights and the Chicago Commission on Human Relations. Commission on Human Rights, 312-443-3456.

Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, Chicago office, 17 E Monroe, Suite #212, Chicago, IL 60603, 312-759-8110.

Publication: "OUT on the Job, OUT of a Job: A Lawyer's Overview of the Employment Rights of Lesbians and Gay Men," Evan Wolfson; contains extensive legal citations. $7.50.

Draft of the Federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), August 1994.

Text of ENDA with endorsers and co-sponsors, HRC, 1994?

"Available Legal Remedies for Discrimination and Harassment Based on Sexual Orientation," handout from a presentation by Craig R. Thorstenson of Thorstenson & Wetzel to Out at Work (Or Not), September 7, 1994.


We don't have a good research collection regarding AIDS in the workplace. However, here are a couple selections:

"What Can You Say About AIDS?--Here are guidelines on what's legal, what to say, and what not to say" Janice Anderson Huebner, HR Magazine, December 1994.

"AIDS Costs to Business," Ed Mickens, Workline Column, The Advocate, June 14, 1994.

"Slow to Respond, Workplace Now Confronts AIDS," John M. DiConsiglio, WorkForce Training News, April 1994.

"Managing AIDS--How One Boss Struggled to Cope," cover story, BusinessWeek, February 1, 1993. Includes sidebar "Why AIDS Policy Must Be a Special Policy--Fear and Misunderstanding of the Virus Can Disrupt a Workplace."

Principles That a Business Might Adopt Regarding HIV/AIDS in the Workplace (borrowed from Gay Issues in the Workplace, Brian McNaught, St. Martin's Press, 1993).


An Executive's View--Executive Forum sponsored by Out at Work (Or Not) and CEEGLO (Commonwealth Edison Employees Gay and Lesbian Organization), December 7, 1994, featuring senior executives from AT&T, ComEd, Baxter Healthcare, and Hewlett-Packard. To order contact CEEGLO at

Gay Issues in the Workplace: Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Employees Speak for Themselves. On Being Gay. Growing Up Gay and Lesbian. Homophobia in the Workplace. All by Brian McNaught; TRB Productions, PO Box 2362, Boston, MA 02107, 617-236-7800.

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