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Loyal readers,

Due to the relocation of several key individuals, Out at Work (Or Not) has closed.  The e-mail address (oawon@aol.com), telephone number, and P.O. Box are no longer in service.  We hope that the information on these web pages are still of value to you.  Using your browser you should be able to find many workplace-related web sites.  We wish you the best in the struggle for workplace equality.

19 Feb 1998

Welcome to the home page for Out at Work (Or Not), providing networking, resources, and support around gay, lesbian, and bisexual workplace issues. We hope you find it interesting and helpful.

"The Finest Teams, the Finest Corporations Have No Boundaries When Honesty Prevails . . ."

Our Mission . . .

We are an organization of primarily gay, lesbian, and bisexual employees of many companies, providing resources, contacts, and empowerment for our peers who are out, coming out, or still in the closet at work.

We are dedicated to fostering and showcasing superior workforce environments where gay, lesbian, and bisexual employees can grow to make outstanding and significant contributions in the workplace; and to ensure fair and adequate recognition of their roles.

Our Strategy . . .

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Out at Work (Or Not) is an organization on the cutting edge of human resource management issues; serving the needs of both the corporation and the gay, lesbian, and bisexual employee; dedicated to building a superior workforce environment. We provide networking, resources and support for gay/lesbian/bisexual employee groups, employees, and the general business community.

For further information, please contact us at +1 312-794-5218, or P.O. Box 359, Chicago, IL 60690-0359, or e-mail OAWon@AOL.com. Our web page is located at: http://www.qrd.org/qrd/www/usa/illinois/oaw/ (you're soaking in it).

To have your name added to our contact list, or to our confidential mailing list, or to receive information about resources available and upcoming events and activities, please contact us at:

Out at Work (Or Not)
P.O. Box 359
Chicago, IL 60690-0359
+1 312-794-5218

We would appreciate your comments, questions, and contributions. We look forward to hearing from you!

(Last update: 30 May 1996)

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