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Paul Cameron is both the best known, and the least credible, of the various psychologists, medical doctors, and associated professionals which actively collaborate with the Religious Right, and attempt to lend a veneer of scientific respectability to the Religious Right's anti-gay propaganda.

Background and general information

NEW! "False Bennett" by Andrew Sullivan
From The New Republic, January 5 & 12, 1998, in response to William Bennett, "Clinton, Gays and the Truth," in The Weekly Standard, November 24, 1997.
NEW! "Facts About Paul Cameron" by Gregory M. Herek, Ph.D.
"Slay it With a Smile -- Paul Cameron's Mission to Stop Homosexuality is Hard to Swallow" by Ward Harkavy
As published in Denver's progressive Web-zine Westword.
An excellent and highly-detailed rebuttal of Paul Cameron's propaganda pamphlet "Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do". By Olivia Lowe Partridge.
A backgrounder on Paul Cameron prepared by Quan Young, a student at the University of Florida, in response to a visit by Cameron to his campus.
"About Paul Cameron" - excerpts from a larger study by David Williams of the Williams-Nichols Institute.
A well written analysis of the use of anti-gay propaganda typified by the various slanders of Paul Cameron, by Al Giersbach.
"Paul Cameron, Bits and Pieces", by Al Geiersbach, 7/23/94.
A comprehensive look at Dr. Paul Cameron, how he has been repeatedly discredited and debunked.
Abstract of an article regarding the incidence of molestation as a "cause" of homosexuality in males. by Gregory Herek.
Dr.Cameron's assertions regarding the primacy of this cause are found to be wanting, as well as contradicted by authoritative research.
Paul Cameron claims that he was raped by a man when he was a child
Excerpts from a talk show appearance by Paul Cameron, where he claims that he was sexually assaulted by a man when he was a child. Cameron further claims that this experience had no influence upon his later views towards gay men and lesbians.
From The News-Telegraph, March 10 - "The Man Behind The Myths"
An excellent article by Mark Pietrzyk analyzing Cameron and his work.

Examples of Cameron's Propaganda

NEW! "Born WHAT Way?" by Paul Cameron
NEW! "What Causes Homosexual Desire and Can It Be Changed?" by Paul Cameron
NEW! "SAME SEX MARRIAGE: Til Death Do Us Part?" by Paul Cameron
Excerpt from Paul Cameron's infamous "research" on gay and lesbian lifespans, based upon obituaries he culled from lesbigay publications.
A copy of "Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do", possibly Cameron's most widely-circulated propaganda pamphlet.

Cameron's Propaganda in Action

NEW! "Medical study quoted by IFF, ICC contains holes" by Kelly Millington Teal and Erica Hill
From The Arbitrer (Boise State University), July 13, 1998, as quoted in USA Today Campus Opinion
NEW! "Mr. Virtue on Gays" by Walter Olson
From OUT! Magazine, New Zealand's National Gay Magazine, December 23, 1997
NEW! "Caveat Samplor"
A statistical critique of the sampling methods used by Cameron in his research.
NEW! "Craswell's gay-mortality claim questioned" by David Postman
From The Seattle Times, October 11, 1996.
Baker v. Wade
Complete text of court ruling on Baker v. Wade, 106 F.R.D. 526, in which Cameron participated as an 'expert' witness. The judge in this court case stated, in part that Cameron had made misrepresentations to the court.
Evans v. Romer
Complete text of the Supreme Court of Colorado's ruling on the Amendment 2 controversy. The Family Research Institute filed an amicus curiae brief in this case.
Weeks v. State
Complete text of court ruling on Weeks v. State of Texas, 834 S.W.2d 559, a case of an HIV-positive prison inmate assaulting a guard, in which Cameron again appeared as an 'expert' witness.
"Pedophilia - the Part of Homosexuality They .Don't. Want You to See", a propaganda tract produced by Colorado for Family Values, which cites a Cameron paper from "Psychological Reports" as a 'stealth' researcher.
Attorney General Gail Norton paid the controversial psychologist Paul Cameron state funds for expert testimony in the Amendment 2 trial -- but then neither used him as a witness nor filed any affidavit or deposition from him.
Another letter to the editor of OutFront ( A Colorado lesbigay publication ) from Richard Cendo, regarding Colorado's Attorney General Gail Norton's payments to Dr. Paul Cameron in relation to her defense of Colorado's Amendment 2.
Yet another letter to the editor from Richard Cendo regarding Colorado's Attorney General Gail Norton's payments to Dr. Paul Cameron in relation to her defense of Colorado's Amendment 2.
Opponents of a Lawrence, Kansas lesbigay rights ordinance use propaganda produced by Dr. Paul Cameron's Family Research Institute.
Paul Cameron's propaganda used by ICA leader Kelly Walton in televised debate over Idaho's anti-gay proposition one.
GLAAD comments on Cameron propaganda, particularly his pamphlet "The Psychology of Homosexuality".
GLAAD comments on Cameron's appearance as a guest on a Donahue show focusing on camp and drag in the gay culture.
Mel White refers to Cameron's anti-gay propaganda as a reason for his fast at James Dobson's Focus on the Family.
Extracts from Nancy Russell's oral testimony on May 4 before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, regarding the issue of gays in the military.
Documents usage of Paul Cameron's propaganda in the fight against gays and lesbians in the military. Taken from June 94 VetPride, the newsletter of the Chicago GLBVA.
Paul Cameron's research used by anti-lesbigay UseNet posters to alt.politics.homosexuality.
Includes a "quickie" discrediting of Cameron and his research.
Reuters article on the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, the candidates it promotes, and the vigorous opposition mounted to lesbigay candidates by the religious right.
Article from Boston's "Bay Windows", a lesbigay paper, regarding the anti-gay conference held at the Colorado Springs home of The Navigators ( an RRR group ).
Discusses Cameron's involvement with the conference.

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