Polls and Surveys

Participation Requests

Families of Gays & Lesbians
I am a lesbian working on my doctoral dissertation and I am looking into how WE as lesbians and gay men FEEL about ourselves as gay people and our relationships with our parents and grandparents.

Poll and Survey Results

1989 Gallop survey asking, "Should homosexual relationships between consenting adults be legal?" Results broken down into many groups, plus overall results from previous years.

American National Election Study
The American National Election Study, conducted since 1948 by the University of Michigan, asks its cross-section of U.S. adults to rate several different groups or political figures using a "feeling thermometer". These data are from the post-election survey conducted in November and December of 1992.

Gays At A Glance
Overlooked Opinions survey about Lesbians and gay men as reported in The Northern Star (Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL) on April 27, 1993.

Attitude Polls
"Attitude polls" (specifically, American attitudes towards Lesbians and gay men) were popular when the "Gays in the Military" issue was raging in late 1992 and through 1993. These are the results from several of them.

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