Polls and Surveys
Gazette Telegraph, Colorado Springs
April 26, 1993, pg A3

Workplace equality, backed by 80 prcent, bucks trend

USA Today

WASHINGTON--Most Americans support equal rights for homosexuals in the 
workplace, a poll has found, but they remain deeply divided on many key 
aspects of gay rights.

A USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll released Sunday found that half say gays should not 
be allowed in the military, with 56 percent saying gay leaders are pushing too 
hard for change.

"The public is more or less antagonized," says Doris Ditty, 54, of Jackson, 
Ky., one of 1,005 adults surveyed Thursday through Saturday.  She says 
homosexuals should "tone their issue down a little."

The poll also shows:

*	80 percent want homosexuals to have equal rights in terms of
	job opportunities; 14 percent disagree; 6 percent had no opinion.

*	48 percent think civil rights laws should not be extended to homo-
	sexuals; 46 percent disagree.

*	49 percent think gays want the same rights as others; 44 percent
	say homosexuals want special rights others don't have.

The margin of error is 3 percentage points.
Vincent Cawley  vin@alumni.colorado.edu

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