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Welcome to the BlackStripe
Resources for SGL/LGBT People of African Descent

The Black Stripe represents the cooperative effort of Same Gender Loving (SGL) "Queers": Lesbians, Gay men, Bisexuals and Transgendered people of African Descent. It was inspired by discussions on GLBPOC and Sistahnet.

As gays and lesbians of African Descent, we claim and are claimed by two communities--the black community and the gay community. Neither community fully accepts, appreciates or understands us.

We are often seen by the black community as outsiders, even thoughwe're at every family gathering and have been part of every struggle. In her essay I Am Your Sister, the late Audre Lorde writes:

When I picketed for Welfare Mothers' Rights, and against the enforced sterilization of young Blackgirls, when I fought institionalized racism in the New York City schools, I was a Black Lesbian. But you did not know it because we did not identify ourselves, so now you can say that Black Lesbians and Gay men have nothing to to do with the struggles of the Black Nation.

The gay community sees itself as a white male enclave and prefers to ignore us, except when driven by lust to seek the exotic. The late Joseph Beam in the anthology In The Life writes:

It is possible to read thoroughly two or three consecutive issues of the Advocate, the national biweekly gay newsmagazine, and never encounter, in words or images, Black gay men. It is possible to peruse the pages of 212 Magazine's special issue on Washington, D.C. and see no Black faces.

If you're a member of the (heterosexual) black community or the (white) gay community, or any other community, welcome. Explore, experience and learn.

If you're a same gender loving person of African Descent; welcome home.

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