The Ongoing Discussion

Which Way?

Who are we?

How do we define ourselves? Which symbols do we choose? Do we choose symbols drawn from the struggles of Europeans? Do we create symbols rooted in our African heritage, or does our double consciousness--as described by W.E.B. DuBois--cause us to create a synthesis between our African and American identities?

These questions and others are part of the Ongoing Discussion in (Same Gender Loving), (Queer), (Gay and Lesbian) communities of African Descent. Even the terms we use to define ourselves are in dispute.

The order of our allegiance is also part of the Ongoing Discussion. Are we Black first and foremost? Does our sexual orientation take center stage?

How do we relate to our community of origin? Can we be who we are and remain a respected part of the larger black community? Do we have enough in common with white gays and lesbians to consider ourselves part of that community?

The pieces in this area will explore our efforts to define ourselves.

The Ongoing Discussion

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