Identity: My Label

My Label
by Marco A. Castro

As a child
They called me faggot
I denied it
I would fight it

As an adolescent
They called me gay
And I knew
I had nothing to say

Then I fell in love
With a woman
And I called myself

I've been called homosexual
My people say I'm a pato
But deep inside I leave
All the painful labels behind

Because I know I love men
And I also love women
Only knowing that this
Is exactly who I am

There are no labels
There are no signs
Explaining the love I feel
So deeply in my heart

My love has courage
My love has strength
It is love without limits
Love throughout time

Love without labels
Is all I know to do
It is who I am
And who I will always be.

(A poem responding to labels within the glb(etc.) community. Simply said: I am who I am. Please, don't label me.)

Poem by Marco Castro

Last updated: 28 June 1977 by Chuck Tarver