Letter to GLAAD from the LGPOC Steering Committee

December 7, 1995

The Board of Directors
Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
150 West 26th Street, Suite 503
New York, NY 10001

Dear GLAAD Board Members:

As lesbian and gay people of color, bisexual, and transgender leaders and organizations, we are deeply concerned about the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation's commitment to representing the interests and concerns of our communities. These concerns stem from the fact that there is currently only one person of color who is active on the board and that five people of color have been fired or have left the organization under the current administration, three of them senior staffers who left under less than amicable circumstances. Frankly, we are also shocked that GLAAD has developed a long term strategic plan , which was devised without adequate input from our communities' activists and leaders.

We do not question GLAAD's right to make its own management decisions. However, GLAAD receives funding and donor support based on the assumption that it adheres to its own mission of serving the community in its diversity. It also uses past work done in our communities in fundraising and promotional materials. We insist that GLAAD be held accountable for these funds -- funds to which our own organizations have limited access. We reserve the right to challenge GLAAD's right to receive them, should the organization fail to address our needs.

This accountability must begin with the leadership of GLAAD, While GLAAD has publicly stated that it intends to make its resources available to our communities, it has not announced any plans for increasing the number of people of color, bisexuals, or transgender activists at the board level. As a result, the people of color, bisexual, and transgender communities GLAAD claims to serve currently have little voice in how these resources are allocated. It also means that activists who might be hired by GLAAD would not have the support of their community at the board level, making it difficult for them to serve that community effectively. Any "empowerment" strategy requires that we be leaders and not merely employees or clients of the organization.

We are committed to a pro-active agenda that would have our communities take our rightful place in this movement by developing and supporting our own institutions. We want and need the support of all organizations in achieving this goal. However, we are disheartened by early indications that the new GLAAD does not share this vision, including GLAAD's offensive November 7, 1995 press release comparing media coverage of the March of a Million Men versus the March on Washington. We are deeply concerned that other national organizations will waver in their already limited support of our communities if GLAAD's current practices remain unchallenged. We ask you to inform us in writing if and how GLAAD intends to address our concerns and that you do this as soon as possible.


The Lesbian and Gay People of Color Steering Committee


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