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cabinet to meet on sodomy law: (1Kb, 9/1/1994)
case goes to high court, 09/10/96: (1.7K)
cite on publication of toonen decision: (737 bytes, 11/7/1995)
confessed sodomites not to be charged, 10/29/94: (3Kb)
excerpt of un sodomy decision: (7.7K, 5/12/1994)
lgb news, 07/30/94: (3.5K)
more on sodomy reform, 04/12/94: (6Kb)
premier promises fight mercury, 05/20/94: (2.8K)
referendum urged mercury, 06/09/94: (3.3K)
school policy on bulletin notices: (6.1K, 4/23/1994)
sodomy law reform, 04/08/94: (2Kb)
tasmania, 9/15/92: (3.2K)
tasmania antigay school effort: (4.3K, 10/7/1994)
tasmanian activist seek sodomy repeal: (2.4K, 11/30/1992)
un rules on sodomy law, 04/12/94: (2.8K)

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