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anglican calls for samesex union blessings: (3Kb, 12/14/1993)
bishop spong nyc pride 93: (1.3K, 6/17/1993)
bsa resolution, 6/9/93: (3.5K)
catholic letter: (24K, 12/31/1993)
christian and homosexual: (12K, 9/27/1993)
colorado catholics protest pope visit: (1.2K, 8/10/1993)
dignity email list: (4.1K, 12/14/1993)
end military ban resolution UCC: (3.6K, 8/4/1993)
episcopalian bishop comes out: (9.5K, 10/2/1993)
falwell aide mel white: (7.4K, 7/14/1993)
Humor catholics: (1.2K, 6/23/1993)
lgb supportive resolution UCC: (3Kb, 8/4/1993)
luis barrios story, 5/19/93: (3.3K)
lutehrans reconsider sex report: (7.6K, 12/20/1993)
lutherans and gays: (6Kb, 10/26/1993)
open letter to mennonites: (2.1K, 7/7/1993)
pastoral letter by bishop frank allan: (3.4K, 9/20/1993)
president sherry speech UCC: (2.4K, 8/4/1993)
religion and homosexuality BOOK: (1Kb, 9/27/1993)
seminary expels lesbian, 6/25/93: (3.2K)
sin of sodom: (5.1K, 2/24/1993)
united churches of christ support lgb: (4.3K, 7/26/1993)
voice of integrity W 93: (206K, 5/31/1993)

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