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International Lesbian and Gay Association
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1998 manifesto, 02/25/98: (3Kb)
20th europe conference, 10/28/98: (4.5K)
collecting funds for declaration of human rights, 08/31/98: (989 bytes)
combating sexual orientation discrimination seminar, 05/13/00: (8.6K)
council of europe lobbying campaign, 06/13/00: (8.2K)
equality report available on www, 07/18/98: (5Kb)
european conference press release, 10/16/98: (4.3K)
european union human rights agenda, 10/12/98: (3.6K)
gay film festival information, 08/04/98: (1.1K)
meets with UN human rights high commissioner, 10/08/98: (3.1K)
new mailing list for french version of euroletter, 08/02/00: (862 bytes)
obtains consultative status with coucil of europe, 01/15/98: (4.6K)
representatives meet with presidency of european union, 07/14/98: (3.5K)
seminar participants needed, 04/03/00: (10K)
to meet with amnesty international, 03/25/98: (4.8K)

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