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aol debate on marriage, 09/05/96: (1.1K)
court upholds discharge, 04/05/96: (3.8K)
federal judge strikes down alabama law, 01/30/96: (4.1K)
final victory in aids case, 01/23/96: (3.2K)
judge clears way for gay conf, 02/14/96: (2.7K)
military case argued, 03/04/96: (3.6K)
military recruiting ban upheld, 03/20/96: (3.9K)
officers case goes to appeals ct, 03/01/96: (2.2K)
on clinton and dod hiv bill, 02/09/96: (1.6K)
on doma, 07/11/96: (4.9K)
on doma and enda, 09/18/96: (5.8K)
philadelphia condom suit, 05/17/96: (3.9K)
urges veto on dod bill, 01/30/96: (2.8K)
wy court upholds visiting restrictions, 01/05/96: (3.1K)