Going Beyond the Rainbow?
Tri-State Region
Bisexual Conference
February 5-7, 1999
Leave Your Borders at the Door!
WE'RE FAMOUS! The Bergen Record (a New Jersey newspaper) has two very positive articles about the conference. One on Friday, the first day of the conference and the other on Sunday, the last day.

FILMS ON CAMPUS FEB 5-7 WEEKEND! What a coincidence! Rutgers Film Co-Op's films have a bi theme the weekend of our conference! "Gods and Monsters" and "Hapiness". More information is on-line

RUTGERS STUDENTS! Save a stamp! Send your registration to DPO 26866.

ALERT! Check your flyers! The zip-code may be listed incorrectly and the post office will reject it! Our address is TBC1999; 13 Dartmouth Ave Apt 3B; Bridgewater, NJ 08807-3420. 732/246-3769

HOTEL NEWS: The list of hotels has been updated. There are some great deals in nearby Somerset.


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Directions to the conference
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Help out!
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Bisexual Network of New Jersey
Rutgers BiGLARU
Rutgers LLEGO
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