NOTE: This is a tentative list. Some of these workshops may not be confirmed yet. Also, we have not yet scheduled these workshops into particular timeslots yet. That is, we don't know which of these will be on Saturday and which will be on Sunday.

1999 Tri-State Regional Bisexual Conference

  1. Gender Performance in Spaces
  2. Presenter: Kristin Vaught:; Co-president of BiGLARU, Member of Douglass College Equal Opportunity Board

  3. Sex Between the Sheets: Erotic Writing Workshop
  4. Presenter: Amara Willey: features, business, and columnist for The New York Times, The Warwick Beacon, The Californian, and Food For Thought.

  5. Curing the "Disease" of Bisexuality and Biraciality: A discussion Based on Recent Literature
  6. Presenter: Anthony Lioi: Rutgers Graduate Student, English Dept.

  7. How to Get the Sex You Want (and not get the sex you don’t want): Interactive Workshop for Negotiating Strategies for Interpersonal Relationships
  8. Presenters: Marshall Miller: Co-founder of BiProv (Rhode Island area support and social group), Coordinator of HIV/AIDS education Fenway Community Health Center, and co-founder of Alternatives to Marriage Project

    Dorian Solot: Co-founder of BiProv (Rhode Island area support and social group) and co-founder and staffer of Alternatives to Marriage Project.

  9. Happiness Without Wedding Bells? Considering Alternatives to Marriage
  10. Presenters: Marshall Miller: Co-founder of BiProv (Rhode Island area support and social group), Coordinator of HIV/AIDS education Fenway Community Health Center, and co-founder of Alternatives to Marriage Project

    Dorian Solot: Co-founder of BiProv (Rhode Island area support and social group) and co-founder and staffer of Alternatives to Marriage Project.

  11. Queer Oppression and the American Communist Movements: The Position of the Current Communist Movement Concerning Homophobia
  12. Presenter: Amina Baraka: Renowned Poet and Member of the Communist Party USA

  13. Queer Film As a Document of Cultural/Politcal/Personal History
  14. Presenter: Timothy Kirkman: Director and star of Dear Jesse, currently working with Miramax films

  15. Stop the Violence: Know Your Rights
  16. Presenters: Cris Heer is licensed clinical social worker working with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered populations and is a Certified Domestic Violence Specialist. She is former Chairperson of the New Jersey Lesbian and Gay Coalition Anti-Violence Project and currently is chair of the Battered Lesbian Task Force

    David Morris former President of the Gay Activist Alliance in Morris County and chair of the legal committee of the New Jersey Gay and Lesbian Coalition Personal Liberty Fund, specializing in police abuse and entrapment. He currently works for New York Legal Services.

  17. The Bi-Film Fest
  18. Films and more with Bi themes.

    Presenter: Susan Pickover:

  19. Body Image and Eating Disorders in the Bisexual Community
  20. Presenter: Laavanya Pasupuleti and Shamira Ellis are Body Image Educators in the Body Image Education Program of the Rutgers University Department of health Education.

  21. Polyamory; The Postgraduate Course in Loving
  22. Reiki: The Power to Heal
  23. Bisexuality in American Short Fiction, 1858-1990
  24. Presenter: Mike Montgomery, Librarian Princeton University and accomplished writer and educator.

  25. Massage for you, for your lover(s), for everyone
  26. Presenter: Kimber McNichol; Professional Message Therapist

  27. Benign Neglect; Why Rates of HIV Infection are Currently Higher for Bisexual Men than any Other Groups
  28. Presenter: Dr. Bill Wedin; Executive Director of Bisexual Information and Counseling Service, INC., a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, dedicated to the scientific study of bisexuality, the elimination of biphobia, and the fight against HIV/AIDS. BICS is national partners with the National Council of Negro, with which it works closely in developing risk reduction programs for bi people of color and their partners in both rural and urban areas. We are currently working on projects in the Northeast, and Deep South, and the Midwest. Lots of interesting work for volunteers. It’s a great way to meet people too.

  29. Bisexuality 101
  30. Presenter: Fritz Klein; has a private psychiatric practice specializing in Sexual orientation and relationship problems, therapy for people with HIV/AIDS, and short-term therapy (N.L.P. and Ericksonian hypnosis). He founded Bisexual Forum in San Diego California in 1982 and is the present co-coordinator. He is the editor of Journal of Bisexuality and the director of an extensive web page: Bisexual Options. He has taught as a clinical Instructor at University of California, San Diego, Human Sexuality to pyschiatric residents, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming and Hypnosis workshops, and is a visiting professor at I.G.S./F.I.T, in Florida. His numerous publications include: The Bisexual Option, Haworth Press, 1993; Bisexualities, Theory and Research, Haworth Press, 1986; "The Need to View Sexual Orientation as a Multivariable Dynamic Process: A Theoretical Perspective," in Homosexuality/Heterosexuality, Oxford University Press, 1990; Man, His body, His Sex, Doubleday and Co. 1978; and Who Likes What: A New Survey of Erotic Preferences Across the Spectrums of Sex, Haworth Press (In preparation)

  31. Out in the Workplace
  32. Presenter: Kathleen Dermody, Co-President of EQUAL! At Lucent Technologies

  33. Getting the Word Out
  34. Presenter: Wendy (Madame) Curry is a long time internet activist, short time real-world activist. She is the editor-in-chief of BiNet News; part of the BiNetUSA, pleiades-net, and BBWN web teams; the Western Massachusetts editor for the Bi Resource guide. When she’s not bi’ing the world, she’s a software engineer.

  35. Building a Bisexual Movement
  36. Presenter: Alice Leibowitz was co-chair of the last BiNet Tri-State Regional gathering. She has been a bisexual activist since 1987 and has presented workshops on bisexual topics at a half dozen conferences. This is her second time presenting "Building a Bisexual Movement".

  37. Zines: Do-It-Yourself Mass Media
  38. Presenters: Sabrina Margarita Alcantara-Tan is a queer pilipina mestiza, and is the editress of Bamboo Girl Zine, which is a zine confronting issues of racism, sexism and homophobia as it relates to young women of color (though it now relates more to Asian on a whole, especially the pilipino/pilipino-american community). Her work is featured in Dragonladies: Asian American Feminists Breathe Fire, A Girl’s Guide To Taking Over the World: Writings from the Girl Zine Revolution and Lips. Tits. Hits. Power? Popkultur and Feminisms, as well as in magazines On The Issues, A. Magazine and maganda. Sabrina Margarita is a founder of Kilawin Kolektibo, a Pilipina lbt (lesbian/bi/transgendered) – identified collective based in New York, and a former member of Gabriela Network, a Philippine women’s solidarity organization. She served there as point person for their Task Force on the Abrams Cases. She is also a performance artist, videomaker and graphic designer, and is slowly compiling an anthology of non-fictional essays by young non-traditional women of color. She studies the filipino Martial Art of Weapon Fighting called Pananandata Marinas Style, and her favorite weapon is the balisong.

    Jabari Saeed Jones a.k.a. Jane, is queer and usually quiet, except when he’s roaring through his artwork and his arts/letters Zine THUNDERPUSSY, a collection of work by various artists. He has a BFA in Printmaking from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University, and is slowly fulfilling his dream of being an art teacher (and/or masseur). He has applied his talents to various personal and political projects, and wants to continue to co-organize countercultural efforts, learn new disciplines in art and thought, and just go completely psychobilly.

  39. QSA: A Manifesto on Words and Being
  40. Presenter: Lea M. Popielinski is a Graduate Student in the Women’s Studies Program at Rutgers University. Her emphases are queer theory, comparative feminist theory, and construction of identity.

  41. Bi Partners, their Spouses and Friends
  42. Presenter: Jane Harris is presently married to Alan Harris for 26 years and has 3 children. She facilitates the Straight Spouse Network for PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbian and Gays) for the last 4 years.

  43. How to Facilitate a Bisexual Support Group
  44. Presenter: Tom Limoncelli; bisexual activist and founder of the Bisexual Network of New Jersey