Holocaust Revisionism and Neo-Naziism


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In addition to the 'traditional' form of anti-Semitic Holocaust revisionism, practiced by the extremist fringes of the religious right such as the Institute for Historical Review, a new form of anti-gay Holocaust revisionism, endorsed and sponsored by the somewhat more mainstream religous right, including Colorado for Family Values and the Oregon Citizen's Alliance, has recently emerged. The new anti-gay Holocaust revisionism alleges that gay men were not particularly persecuted under the German Nazi regime, and additionally, that homosexual men were especially prevalent in the ranks of German Naziism, and were in large part, the motivators of the Jewish Holocaust. This new form of Holocaust revisionism is typified by the book The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively (formerly of the Oregon Citizen's Alliance) and Kevin Abrams.

While not, in any way attempting to diminish the repugnance of 'traditional' anti-Semitic Holocaust revisionism, this new form of Holocaust revisionism poses a grave danger insofar as it is sponsored and endorsed by groups which are (marginally) closer to the political center than those groups which promulgate 'traditional' Holocaust revisionism. These groups have also shown, through the several anti-gay Oregon ballot initiatives, and the Colorado amendment two, that they are able and willing to influence public opinion to persecute gay men and lesbians.

We stand with our Jewish friends, brothers, and sisters in remembering the senseless and brutal slaughter of over twelve million of our fellow human beings -- straight and gay, Jewish and Gentile, men and women, and in proclaiming "Never Again!"

Anti-revisionism and Anti-naziism

Nizkor project web page
An anti-revisionist project by Ken McVay, a leading anti-revisionist and holocaust researcher. Contains over 1200 files on the holocaust.
NEW! The Anti-Defamation League
NEW! HateWatch
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Cybrary of the Holocaust
FTP Archive of Holocaust FAQ
An anti-revisionist project
CyberWatch - a project of the Simon Wiesenthal Center
NEW! Web of Hate by Andrew Mathis
What is Fascism ?, by Chip Berlet
The Spectacular State: Fascism and the Modern Imagination
The Spectacular State: Fascism and the Modern Imagination is a public forum happening in Vancouver which brings together artists, activists, and scholars to generate critical discussion about the various characteristics and consequences of fascism in its historical and contemporary contexts. The forum will include film and video screenings, art exhibitions, lectures, panels and rounLIable discussions at a number of different venues.

Anti-gay Holocaust Revisionism

NEW! The Annotated Pink Swastika, a well-written refuation of many of the key assertions made by Religious Right propagandists Lively and Abrams in their book.
The Pink Swastika, Homosexuality in the Nazi Party by Kevin Abrams and Scott Lively
"The Other Side of the Pink Triangle: Still a Pink Triangle", by Christine L. Mueller
A well-written refutation of assertions made in the book The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams, which purports to show linkages between Naziism, as practiced in 1940's Germany, and homosexuality.
"Pink Swastika: In the Red?" a review of The Pink Swastika by David Sarasohn, as published in The Oregonian, 11 Aug 1995.
This article also explores the quasi-legal tax maneuvering engaged in by various members of the OCA, including Scott Lively, the coauthor of the reviewed book.
"The `Homosexual Holocaust' -- Another Gay Militant Myth?"by Tony Marco
Extracts from "Special Class Protections for Self-Alleged Gays: A Question of "Orientation" and Consequences", an anti-gay tract written by Tony Marco, which alleges that many Nazis were homosexual, and that homosexuals were not victims of the Nazi holocaust.
An outline and abstract of The Pink Swastika by Kevin Abrams and Scott Lively
"Roots of the Lavender Lobby" A review of The Pink Swastika, by William Norman Grigg, published in the New American magazine
The New American is a publication of the John Birch society.

Holocaust Denial and Revisionism

NEW! The Spotlight
The publisher of the Spotlight, and the head of its associated organization, Liberty Lobby is Willis Carto, a holocaust revisionist of long standing, and founder of the Institute for Historical Review, a leading revisionist publisher.
NEW! Revisionist Productions
NEW! Reflections upon the Holocaust by Matt Giwer, a prolific revisionist poster to the UseNet news group alt.revisionism.
Adelaide Institute
Student Revisionists' Resource Site
Home Web page of Arthur R. Butz, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northwestern University, and holocaust revisionist.
Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH)
Greg Raven's Home Page - home of the Institute for Historical Review
In their own words...

Founded in 1978, the Institute for Historical Review is a non-partisan, not-for-profit educational enterprise that continues the tradition of Historical Revisionism pioneered by distinguished historians such as Harry Elmer Barnes, A. J. P. Taylor, Charles Tansill, Paul Rassinier, and William H. Chamberlin.

The purpose of the IHR is, in the words of Barnes, to "bring history into accord with acts." To this end, it sheds light on suppressed information about key chapters of history, especially twentieth century history, that have special relevance today. The IHR promotes the cause of international peace by encouraging greater understanding of the root causes, nature and consequences of war. It firmly supports the First Amendment right of free speech.

Probably the best-known and certainly the most controversial aspect of the IHR's work has been its treatment of the Holocaust issue. Over the years, the IHR has published several major books and numerous probing essays by scholars such as Dr. Arthur Butz of Northwestern University and French professor Robert Faurisson that call into question the orthodox Holocaust extermination story.

Ernst Zundel website
NEW! National Socialist White People's Party
National Vanguard web site
They're back up (after the Crusader EMail spam fiasco) at their original site.
Stormfront White National Socialist web page
This site is run by Don Black, former Imperial Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Mr. Black was arrested by the FBI in the 1980s for attempting to finance and mount a coup to restore an extreme right wing prime minister to Dominica.
In their own words...

Stormfront is a resource for those courageous men and women fighting to preserve their White Western culture, ideals and freedom of speech and association -- a forum for planning strategies and forming political and social groups to ensure victory.

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