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Interweave Membership Information

Art's Top Ten Reasons to Belong to Interweave

  1. Access to this web site

  2. A newsletter six times a year

  3. Sharing news and ideas through the Interweave-d discussion list

  4. Connecting with other BGLT people in a liberal religious community

  5. Voting privileges at Convo

  6. Interweave sponsored events and workshops at the annual UUA General Assembly

  7. A chance to win the Mark deWolfe Award

  8. Affecting positive change within the UUA and CUC

  9. Being part of an organization that represents a welcoming religious voice within local, regional and continental BGLT communities

  10. Contributing to a transformative grassroots movement that celebrates BGLT culture and people, and works to end all forms of oppression.

Cost (in US dollars)
(New fee structure effective April 1, 2004)

  • $75.00 Sustaining Membership

  • $50.00 Joint Membership

  • $35.00 Basic Membership

  • $20.00 Low Income Membership (or contact a Board member)

  • $10.00 added for first class envelope

  • Additional donations are welcome!

  • Chapters may affiliate with Interweave Continental for $100.00 membership

From the President:

More than once I have heard folks ask, "What do I/we get out of Interweave membership?"  However, I'm not sure it's the right question.

The better question might be, "Does it matter to you that Interweave Continental exists?"  Because, yes, many Interweave resources Convo, GA activities, website, and list-servs can be accessed whether or not you officially join Interweave.  However, if no one joins Interweave, then those resources cease to exist.

It's a little like church itself.  You can go to worship services, religious education, participate in social action projects and lots of other things without joining or contributing to the church.  Some people make that choice.  But if everyone did, the church would not exist.

Interweave Continental matters.  It matters because without our initial push, there would not be an Office of Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Concerns at the UUA level, which means there would not be a Welcoming Congregations program. Interweave matters because when the UUA wants to know how particular issues affect queer people, they come to us to ask -- for example, we're involved in the Conversation on Ministry to and with Youth.  Would BGLTQ people be well-represented in that important conversation if we weren't there? Interweave matters because we are starting to offer to youth and young adults a vision of world free of oppression, as we extend ourselves more and more in work with youth and young adults.  Interweave matters because we're at work on a new curriculum on Bisexuality that we hope to release at GA -- recognizing that bisexuality may be the cutting edge for many of our churches which have rallied behind the cause of marriage equality, but need to take their thought and their walk deeper.  Interweave, though all-volunteer, manages to keep pushing our churches, our association, and indeed, our culture in directions favorable to equality.

Interweave Continental matters because we have made important strides within UU congregations in the welcoming of BGLT people, and it matters because we have a lot further to go, and we need one another -- in networking, in support, in inspiration -- to get there.

Frankly, there have been times I've wondered during the past twenty years that I've been part of

Interweave whether we were doing what we should, whether we were doing all we should.  But, more often than not, I decided Interweave, though imperfect, was needed in our association and in our world.

So, the question is -- do you want to be part of that working together with other UU's around these issues? Chapters cite $100 dues as prohibitive for small, young groups.  If money is really an issue, I would urge you to ask for a waiver regarding part of the funds, but to maintain your membership.  Though I would add, if there are 3 individuals who would otherwise have individual memberships, then that's the cost of a chapter membership.  Some chapters pass the hat to raise the membership dues; some do fundraising.  A fortunate few has funds from their churches.  And for individuals who need a reduced rate, we have a low income membership for $20.

    What Interweave does matters; and what you all are doing as grassroots members of Interweave matters. We are making the world a different place.

Jonalu Johnstone

Join us! Download printable membership form here.