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CD and Cassette Subscriptions

To be sure you never miss a week of "This Way Out," you can subscribe to the program on CD or standard audio cassette. Regular subscribers to "This Way Out" receive one 2-track CD or one 60-minute audio cassette, with one show on each side, every two weeks.

CDs or tapes are sent via postal mail, generally within a day or two after the second of the two programs has been distributed to radio stations. In other words, subscribers receive two programs at a time, mailed every two weeks. Printed "Rundown" sheets detailing the program content for each show are included.

Subscriptions to "This Way Out" are available at the rate of US$10 per month in North America, or US$15 per month outside of North America (these rates primarily cover our duplicating and shipping costs), with a three-month minimum payment of US$30 or US$45 to begin or renew your subscription. If you're able to send more than the three-month minimum, it will reduce our need to send periodic "renewal notices" to you.

To begin your subscription, just make the minimum US$30 or US$45 payment using PayPal on our front page -- and be sure to specify "CD subscription" or "cassette subscription" and include your complete postal mailing address in the "comments" section -- or postal mail us the minimum three-month subscription payment (check or money order must be in US dollars, and made payable either to "This Way Out", or to our non-profit corporate name of Overnight Productions, Inc.), along with your complete postal mailing address, to the address below.

"This Way Out"
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