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campus groups: (127K, 1/1/1994)
centre for human rights: (99 bytes, 5/4/1994)
countries allowing sexual orientation immigration: (317 bytes, 7/13/1994)
countries where sodomy capital offense: (3.3K, 2/15/1996)
foreign ministries contacts: (2Kb, 7/29/1996)
glb campus: (32K, 6/18/1996)
glb campus worldwide 1991: (28K, 5/12/1995)
glb campus worldwide 950614: (29K, 6/15/1995)
hate crimes on rise worldwide: (8.9K, 1/18/1995)
international lesbian info service: (1.2K, 12/19/1994)
international lgb bibliography: (57K, 6/30/1995)
international spouses network: (1Kb, 5/5/1994)
intl law and sexual orientation: (5.9K, 1/25/1994)
lg rights international law bibliography: (4.6K, 5/17/1996)
magnus hirschfeld centre info: (7.6K, 3/29/1998)
model international convention: (17K, 7/4/1995)
peoples sexual rights declaration, 02/12/97: (2.7K)
queer world atlas: (6.7K, 3/31/1994)
universal declaration of human rights: (12K, 1/16/1994)
worldwide gay marriage info wockner, 04/28/95: (8.3K)
worldwide organizations: (3.3K, 6/6/1994)
worldwide sodomy list: (2.1K, 5/4/1994)

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