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1300 more hiv infections in 4 months, 06/04/97: (632 bytes)
amended aids bill coming, 02/03/95: (804 bytes)
amended aids law passes duma, 02/27/95: (1.1K)
compulsory hiv testing vetoed: (1Kb, 1/14/1995)
cracks in the iron closet, 06/09/96: (4Kb)
duma passes law on aids tests for foreigners, 02/27/95: (1.3K)
first soviet pride wockner 91: (11K, 4/25/1996)
forced hiv testing proposed, 06/18/94: (3.6K)
gay center opens in moscow, 12/19/95: (1.6K)
gay guide to moscow, 06/95: (3.8K, 6/29/1995)
gay journalist harassed, 06/18/94: (3.9K)
gay rights violation in siberia, 10/24/98: (3.6K)
gay russians not released yet: (2.8K, 8/27/1993)
greetings request gl conf, 06/96: (766 bytes, 5/18/1996)
hiv case in murmansk, 05/06/97: (1.7K)
hiv testing veto background: (1.9K, 1/18/1995)
ilga conf report, 06/96: (4.1K, 7/6/1996)
ilga welcomes siberian group, 07/96: (1.3K, 7/6/1996)
more on cracks in iron closet, 09/22/96: (3.3K)
reactions to yeltsin refusal to sign aids legis, 02/01/95: (6.5K)
review of cracks in iron closet, 09/27/96: (5.9K)
russian aids data, 08/07/95: (814 bytes)
russian gay group formed, 8/17/93: (2Kb)
russia queers: (2.3K, 7/3/1992)
russia sodomy repeal: (3.3K, 5/31/1993)
triangle association denied registration: (673 bytes, 8/10/1995)
triangle center suspends activities: (700 bytes, 3/13/1997)
world aids day news, 12/01/95: (4.2K)
yeltsin: (2.3K, 11/1/1992)
yeltsin urged not to sign aids law, 03/31/95: (1.3K)
youth wins asylum in us, 05/23/96: (8.1K)

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