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[BAG] Bucharest Acceptance Group
amnesty criticizes romania, 05/22/95: (5Kb)
amnesty on romanians jailed for sodomy: (6.5K, 11/16/1995)
anti gay criminal law sparks wi: (2.9K, 3/10/1997)
antigay laws alert, 09/17/96: (9Kb)
call for support, 04/04/96: (14K)
ep resolution on stiffer penalties, 09/19/96: (2.3K)
ep shocked by law, 09/96: (981 bytes, 12/19/1996)
gay nordic artists prohibited from performing: (3.1K, 11/15/1994)
letter on penal code reform, 05/18/96: (2.2K)
new anti gay penal code, 10/26/96: (3.2K)
orthodox patriarch opposes gay rights: (2Kb, 12/24/1994)
penal code reform rejected, 11/25/95: (4.4K)
pm to visit netherlands, 05/96: (6.2K, 4/27/1996)
romania eases anti sodomy stance, 09/12/95: (1Kb)
romania ern upate IGLHRC: (4.8K, 2/16/1994)
romania ern update IGLHRC: (3.4K, 5/18/1994)
romanian pm us travel itinerary, 09/95: (4.2K, 9/27/1995)
romania queer group formed: (2.9K, 11/22/1993)
romania relaxes antigay stance: (2.1K, 2/15/1994)
romania senate postpones sodomy vote: (1.3K, 11/21/1993)
romania senate versus civil society: (3.8K, 2/16/1994)
romania sodomy protest: (2.4K, 7/16/1993)
romania sodomy repeal brief: (87K, 5/16/1994)
romania summary: (11K, 5/16/1994)
symposium report, 05/31/95: (25K)
uk condemns criminalisation 08 96: (2.9K, 8/14/1996)

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