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report on protest at italian embassy

>From: leonard@magoo.inria.fr
>Date: Wed, 08 Jun 94 16:27:11 +0200

Monday 18:30, Rue de Varenne.

   The part of the street giving access to the Italian ambassy was
forbidden. The police close the both access of the street with barriers and
twenty  policemen. So the meeting point was moved to the angle of the two
following streets : Varenne and Bac.

   Around 200 Gays and Lesbians where at the demonstration, while singing
and shouting slogans : 
      - deportation homo, on a deja donne, (homosexual deportation,
                                            already done)
      - deportation, 50 ans apres, ca recommence,
      - berlusconi faciste,

   A small delegation (3 peoples) has been received by a private secretary
of the ambassador. He promise to forward our request to the ambassador,
then to answer.

   The demonstration take 2 hours, and was peacefull, no media were 
present, excepted RAGE-FG98.2 and some Gay publications.

   Thank's to all of you, to be present.

La vie est belle !                      Pierre Le'onard

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