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paris police supress homo exhibit authorization

From: leonard@magoo.inria.fr
Date: Sun, 22 May 94 15:52:01 +0200

Hi world netters, In a preceding post, april 11, I announced the opening of the Gay pride week at Paris with the exhibition named "Salon de l'Homosocialite" : An exceptionnal meeting of all the French G/L/B Associations and commercial organizations. Unfortunately the Police headquarter decided to supress the authorization to organize the exhibition at the place : quai de la Tournelle. Gay Pied, the organizer of the exhibition, has sent to all the participants of the exhibition a letter explaining that he exhibition is suppressed and will be organized later. No date is specified. This decision take place after that Gay Pied start the promotion of the exhibition. Gay Pied is also the organizer of the annual dance, standing in July 14, for the Nationnal French Day, at .... .... Quai de la Tournelle. support is welcome : Gay Pied - ETR Salon de l'Homosocialite 45, rue Sedaine 75557 Paris Cedex 11 Tel : 43 57 52 05 Fax : 43 57 80 40 Have a good week. La vie est belle ! Pierre Le'onard Emission RAGE, FG98.2 Direct : Mercredi 21 - 22 heures 45, rue de Rebeval Redif : Samedi 9 - 10 heures 75019 Paris Tel : 42 45 86 86, Fax : 44 52 09 94 France E-mail: leonard@magoo.inria.fr