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paris lg centre

From: gentil@seine.inapg.inra.fr (gentil guillaume dea phytopat)
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 94 18:20:21 NFT

(To be headed to the EUROQUEER mailing list and to the QRD) A new L/G Centre in Paris The Paris L/G Centre has recently changed addresses, names, styles and ambitions -thanks to the combined effort of 57 groups and enterprises. It is now called the Centre Gai et Lesbien (CGL) and is to be found at 3, rue Keller, 75011 Paris, or to be reached at (33-1) 43 57 21 47. Being located in the eleventh arrondissement (i.e. the eleventh Paris borough), it is a little remote from the Marais, where most L/G bars and shops are centred. However, the Keller street is enlivened by two bars (Le Keller and El Scandalo) and a dark maze (La Luna) and the centre is worth a visit for itself. It cannot be missed since it opens onto the street. The CGL offers information on the community life and 125 sq metres to welcome visitors and housemembers, groups' meetings, exhibitions and a cafeteria. A library keeps books and background papers relating to the L/G history and culture. A paper, the Keller, is also published on a monthly basis by the CGL. A friendly staff will welcome you or answer your calls from Monday to Friday (15.00-21.00) and on Saturdays (13.30-20.00). A helpline (SOS Ecoute Gaie) operates 18.00-21.00. Skilled volonteers will address questions wtih specific focus on the deaf, the youth, the lesbians or on social and legal matters on certain days. Contact the CGL for more and updated detail. Just drop in and do not forget that the CGL needs some financial support to live up to its ambition. Guillaume, alias GWWGG.