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gay news stories, 11/18/94

Date: 23 Nov 94 21:27:15 EST
From: Guillaume LATZKO-TOTH <75337.625@compuserve.com>

Last Week Before International Day Against Aids in Paris ============================================== Emotion is growing in Paris, which will become the world capital for fighting Aids for two days, on 30th November and 1st december. On this occasion, a Village of Associations will be settled down, gathering all groups and organizations who, in a way or another, take part in the effort of prevention, information, and moral or material support for people dealing with the disease. One of the main coordinators of these events is the C.R.I.P.S. (Regional Centre for Information and Prevention of Aids). This nearly-governmental organization wants to give an opportunity to young journalists and students in journalism to show their skills; it seems an original way to involve young gays and hets in the struggle against the virus. Every one who is interested should contact Manuel Mercier at the C.R.I.P.S. at this number: (33.1) 53 68 88 88 as soon as possible. Minister of Health Wants Free Condoms for Youths ========================================== French Minister of Health Philippe Douste-Blazy said he wished condoms could be obtained freely, and particularly by young people. Invited in a TV program dedicated to "Love and Youths" on "France 2" channel last saturday night, the Minister reminded that some french supermarkets already sell condoms for 0.50 FF, whereas the average in Europe is 3 to 5 francs. He also pointed out that the operation "one condom for one franc" has been a real success since it was launched last spring. Mr Douste-Blazy also pronounced himself in favor of a toll-free phone line on sexual matters for young people. This proposition may not be sheer coincidence since the program "Chela Ouate" was presented by "The Doc" (Christian Spitz), well known for his radio program "Love n' Fun" which first broke the ice and taboos about teenagers and their sexuality. A New Magazine About Sex For Teens Sponsored By Ministry Of Education ============================================================= The first issue of "Jaimes" (Journal Associatif d'Information Multiforme d'Education Sexuelle) is now available in France. The acronym ("I love", in plural) is highly symbolic for a magazine designed for teenagers between 15 and 20. The authors started it after they realized the failure of all official prevention policies in the first country in Europe by the number of HIV-positive people. It will provide complete information about sex, love, and "human behaviours" as they say. "Jaimes", issued every two months, contains 40 pages and is available on subscription for 120 FF per year. To subscribe, contact Jaimes abonnements, BP 7, 93260 Les Lilas, France. End ===