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french mag REBEL

And from France, I can report the appearance of a new monthly gay magazine.
Those of us who used to read "Gai Pied" regularly were shocked last Fall
when the new publisher suddenly fired most of the "Gai Pied" staff and
ceased its publication. "Gai Pied" was the premier gay periodical in
France, although it had been losing circulation steadily for the last few
years. But now there is "Rebel", published by Alter-Ego at 37, rue de
Rivoli, 75004 Paris. (tel: 48 04 83 40; fax: 48 04 80 46). 

There have been four issues published as of last week. The first two
weren't very good, but #3 and #4 are impressive. The journal reflects
visible gay culture in France in that it is entirely male-oriented. As in
"Gai Pied" there are numerous ads for gay saunas and gyms, gay erotica, and
gay Minitel services. But there are interesting articles, also, including:

- an article about Willem Dafoe

- an article about the "Red Rose", i.e., the status of "the gay revolution"
in the former Eastern bloc countries

- an article about male jewelry

- a gay tourist's view of Amsterdam

- an examination of the question, "Is there a 'gay vote' in France?"

- a look at "SM chic"

- an article about Belgian dream-hunk Jean-Claude Van Damme

Like the old "Gai Pied" (before some editorial changes initiated about six
months prior to its demise), there is a section of erotic photos printed on
high-quality glossy paper. So far these look like they came from some
archives of the 50s, i.e. they emphasize the clean body-builder physique
that was so popular at that time.

The subscription price for a year (11 issues) is 220 FF in France. I don't
know the price for US subscriptions. Two Parisian friends sent me issues #3
and #4 with a note that they are giving me a subscription. It would have
been a faux pas on my part to ask what they had to pay. My experience with
subscribing to "Gai Pied"  suggests that subscriptions to North America
will be significantly more expensive.

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