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french cities issue partnership certificates, 09/25/95

Further to the posting on this thread on 21 Sep., here is an update from 
today's "The Guardian" (London, without explicit authorisation):
"A row is raging in France over the decision of 20 leftwing mayors to issue 
gay and lesbian couples with partnership certificates modelled on those 
available to homosexuals in Scandinavia.
The certificates - which are like marriage certificates without the vows - 
are already issued to [unmarried] heterosexual couples in France who wish to 
apply for housing, joint insurance policies, bank loans and discounts on 
various forms of transport.
The mayor of Paris, Jean Tiberi, considers the certificates, issued by six 
district mayors in the capital,  to be illegal. 'The notion of homosexual 
marriage does not exist'.
But Georges Sarre, mayor of the 11th district of Paris said: 'The mayor of 
Paris issues certificates of cohabitation to heterosexual couples, even 
though they are not established in law. There is no reason why homosexuals 
should not receive them as well.'
The mayor of Strasbourg, Catherine Trautmann, said her city was joining the 
Paris mayors and 12 rural mayors who began issuing certificates earlier this
year. - Alex Duval Smith, Paris"