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aids discrimination, 12/96

Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996  12:09:42 MET
From: "jacques Gallot" <jacques10@infonie.fr>
Subject: AIDS

I need your help In France Iam censured Nobody wants to help me Oganizations trade unions dont want to talk about my affairs I rely on you to help me you can send my message in your area in internet contact journalites of your country write to the Email french post office info@telecom.gouv.fr to protest against these comportements and reclam sanctions It will be well to make an electronic petition in internet Thank you for your help jacques10@infonie.fr YOU CAN RELY ON NOBODY BUT YOU ! A french post office employee and positif since 1985 I am fighting my own compagny's prejudices. In december 1995 the administrative court of Paris ruled against my employer as a legal entity but not against its individuals who engaged its responsabilities although these had discriminated against me because of my health condition. The judge considered that the post office was responsible for these wrongdoings. The social worker the branch inspector the office manager and the personnel manager had refused to back my request for dispensatory working times (to suit my health condition) Since 1991 alone I had to fight at the same time against the devastating effects of the AIDS virus and against the cynical attempt by the post office to sack me All through this period I had unsucessfully tried to bring some officials on my side and asked for sanctions against those I hold responsible for this situation. Faced with this general and conniving contempt I started a treatment strike on july 25th 1996 Now I feel betrayed by non cooperative trade unions (that hold 7 seats at the compagny's board) and delusive some AIDS organizations. These ones despite some coward and uncommitting actions have adopted the post office officials behaviour and thus accept their discrimination Also have in mind that the post office takes part of the sidaction AIDS charity and sells red ribbon badges and you can see why the AIDS organizations are reluctant to support an isolated and powerless employee. With all this background how could you find any help to fight against those inhumane practices ? I have also decided this treatment strike for my colleagues (300000 as a whole in the post office) some of them are suffering AIDS and are totally isolated until they die. They often face terrible difficulties and end in absolute exclusion You can rely on nobody but you ! This world of selfishness and personnal ambition is well away from wishful solidarity speeches MY CASE IS FAIR MY WILL IS STRONG SILENCE MEANS YOU CONSENT ! Since 25th july 1996 I have stopped any care and medecine to protest and demand some sanctions toward some poeple who work at the french post office. I think they have had a part of responsabilities for the decline of my health. I have been working in the post office since 1974 and I am positif since 1985. In december 1995 I won my lawsuit against post office. They have been condemned to pay me 25000 ffr for the prejudice. In his judgement the judge of administrative court of Paris has considered that the post office didn't respect a raisonnable time to addapt a work post as french law requires for disabled poeple like me. In spite of urgency of my situation according from medical minds and my health deteriorated quickly post office made a big mistake and forgot its responsabilities. In this judgement post office didn't do any thing to change the judge's mind about my affairs but I have had many troubles with . I trusted in several personnes with whom I work. I waited for some help understanding from them to resolv my difficulties. Because of their inhuman and odious comportements I have been scared about my health. "Face to lack of responsabilities" I wrote to the post office minister director president and disciplinary service to punish these personnes but without results Once again they didn t listen or help me. They only showed indifference to me since 1991 the beginning of my story. Some of them don t wanna sanction to protect themselves. Some of them didn t even answer me. I feel alone beyong this administrative "wall" who doesn t care about human appearance. I took all the necessary steps to do evolved my situation. Now I'm stuck. I had no choise but to put my live in danger. I demand justice and punishment to social assistant director inspector and director of human relationship who during two years tried to hush up my affairs I took the important decision to stop all my care and medecine until satisfaction. I would like to find again dignity I have lost. Even if for the post office my fight is a kind of blackmail. For me it's the only and last way to fight against discrimination. Attitude must advance and change about AIDS in all compagnies even if they sponsor in part some talk show about AIDS SILENCE MEANS YOU CONSENT ! Don t punish or don t sanction is accepted. It's like agreeing with them even encourage them Two years of suffering and psychological harrassment that's enough This is unacceptable and unbearable. I can t stay in this situation. There is urgency now my life is threatened I need help and support. I need you"s". This is my mayday. I really hope you'll understand and will help me this time I hope beeing heard MY CASE IS JUST MY WISH IS STRONG jacques Gallot jacques10@infonie.fr