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RAGE FG 98 2 schedule

From: leonard@magoo.inria.fr
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 94 17:22:26 +0200

Hi European Netters, Following is the schedule of the studies done by RAGE and broadcast every Wednesday at Paris and Limoges In France. This schedule is prepared each quarter and sent to the generalist Press. These studies are planned for 30 minutes every 15 days, more often in the second quarter of the year, in order to respond to the actuality. Date Topics April 6 Bisexuality, the interraction between the Gay /Lesbian and bisexual movement and the reason of the non acceptation between the both community. April 20 Deportation, Pierre Seel is one of the 1940 war concentration camp prisoner for sexual orientation. After many years of legal fighting a decision will be taken in that week. Memory in peace or example for the young citizens of the world. April 27 Many studies, researchs are done to prove the cause of homosexuality with genetic or biology. What are the real reasons of that research mainly done in USA. Is that reasonnable that political decided to pay and to prove something in that field of great sensitivity. Could it be rerouted to eugenism ? May 4 Lesbian Gay people see by the generalist news papers. with Monique Gueller from "Liberation". May 18 The familial lobbying. How do they integrate the homosexuality in their work. How do they integrate the youth homosexual in the famalily structure ? Why these lobbying are so agressive with the L/G/B citizens. May 25 European election, how is integrated the citizenship of the G/L in the political propositions, how the political people react with the last European decisions. June 1 European election II June 8 Exhibition "Salon de l'homosocialite" located at Zenith, An exceptionnal meeting of all the French G/L/B Associations. The reasons of the succes : to be at home ? June 15 The French Gay Pride in the streets of Paris. Is that manifestation representative of the G/L/B life. Could that manifestation help people to come out. End. All the debates are in French, and every suggestions are welcome. La vie est belle ! Pierre Le'onard Emission RAGE FG98.2 Mercredi 21 - 22 heures 45, rue de Rebeval Tel : 42 45 86 86 75019 Paris Fax : 44 52 09 94 France E-mail: leonard@magoo.inria.fr