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1st usa tongzhi conf sf, 06/26/98: (6.8K)
aizhi action project: (384 bytes, 9/29/1998)
apa monitor article on medicalization of homosexuality, 09/21/98: (7.2K)
beijing social support and std hiv education, 12/07/97: (9.8K)
call for submissions on chinese homosexuality: (2.9K, 5/6/1997)
censors target lesbians wockner, 09/07/95: (2.4K)
china 93: (3Kb, 2/17/1993)
china association for sexology: (515 bytes, 12/29/1994)
china cracks down, 5/31/93: (2Kb)
chinese gays miserable wockner: (2.6K, 7/5/1994)
chinese human rights group formed, 08/26/97: (2Kb)
chinese man granted asylum in canada xtra, 08/19/94: (3.2K)
climate for gays, 12/94: (5.5K, 12/19/1994)
first book on chinese gay men: (918 bytes, 12/27/1994)
hostile society keeps glbs frightened, 12/12/94: (5.9K)
lesbians at beijing conf in sept 95: (2.3K, 8/5/1994)

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