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0HIGHLIGHTS: (8.1K, 9/13/1995)
0HIGHLIGHTS-02.95: (4.6K, 2/10/1995)
0HIGHLIGHTS-04.95: (4.8K, 4/22/1995)
0HIGHLIGHTS.AIDS: (3.2K, 6/16/1994)
0MIRRORS: (694 bytes, 5/3/1997)
0QRD-BY-FTP: (1.8K, 3/11/1995)
0QRD-BY-TELNET: (2.8K, 3/11/1995)
0QRD-BY-WWW: (2.9K, 6/10/1999)
0VISION: (3.4K, 3/11/1995)
dirmap: (42K, 8/27/2000)
faq: (23K, 5/3/1997)
filing intro: (18K, 5/13/1997)
[old] possibly inaccurate, but of some historic interest
[parallel sites] sites around the world with missions similar to the QRD's
web guidelines: Guidelines for pages housed at the QRD (4Kb, 1/19/1997)

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