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ACLU appeals in bottoms case, 11/15/93: (3.7K)
ACLU challenges alabama statute, 09/27/93: (3.9K)
ACLU challenges antigay init of oregon town, 01/23/93: (3.6K)
ACLU endorses colorado boycott, 01/27/93: (3.4K)
ACLU files aids discrimination suit, 04/06/93: (4.4K)
ACLU files appeal for prisoner with hiv, 11/18/93: (4.1K)
ACLU says clinton action on gays unconstitutional, 07/19/93: (2.8K)
ACLU says military ban causes sex harassment, 01/27/93: (3Kb)
ACLU says military policy unconstitutional, 07/27/93: (2.1K)
ACLU settles with NEA, 08/25/93: (3.8K)
ACLU suit provokes granting of parade permit, 06/14/93: (3.7K)
lawsuit challenges clinton policy on gays, 07/27/93: (5Kb)