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This is the first attempt to construct a web page that could be a beginning of a service for gay people in our country. We also would like to help gay people find information on what one can find in Poland and how. There are a lot of foreigners visiting this country [and this country is worth visiting!]. Jest to proba zbudowania serwisu informacyjnego dotyczacego srodowiska gejow w Polsce. Chcialbym takze pomoc w znajdowaniu informacji co i jak mozna znalezc na polskiej scenie gejowskiej. Ten serwis bedzie sluzyl glownie naszym zagranicznym kolegom.
The situation in our academic environment (in Poland one can have Internet access almost only thru an educational site) is how it is - and this forces us to be careful. But there are more and more private pages of people who are out, at least on the net.

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