Welcome to GayNM!

Welcome to GayNM!

This website lists information of interest to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons living in New Mexico as well as their family, friends and allies.

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Contact Jon-Carl Lewis, webmaster at jcl@swcp.com.

GayNM - an introduction These introductory pages are designed to orient you to the GayNM site.
gnm-02-communities-jbnr.jpg (5173 bytes) The communities pages provides an overview of GayNM communities and regions.
gnm-03-resources-jbnr.jpg (6066 bytes) The resource pages link you to GayNM resources.
GayNM Events The events pages
gnm-05-links-n-lists-jbnr.jpg (5999 bytes) The links and lists pages
GayNM A to Z - an alphabetical NM resource index The A to Z pages present an alphabetical list of GayNM resource names and descriptions.


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Questions/Comments contact Jon-Carl Lewis, Webmaster at jcl@swcp.com.

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