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Pachanga Sisters
are listed under
NM statewide Arts & entertainment, Musical performance artists

Pachanga Sisters

Contact: Dair Obenshain
Phone: 505.877.5883
Email: dairo@somasf.unm.edu

The Pachanga Sisters is a musical group performing "salsa, cajun, you name it: funny, political & fun to dance to."

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People of Color AIDS Foundation (POCAF) is listed under NM statewide
Health & wellness resources, HIV / AIDS direct service providers

People of Color AIDS Foundation

Phone: 505.820.0622
Email: pocafofnm@roadrunner.com
Website: www.roadrunner.com/`pocafofnm

The People of Color AIDS Foundation (POCAF) targets communities of color in fighting HIV / AIDS in Northern New Mexico.

POCAF "is a non-profit, community based agency dedicated to meeting the needs of those infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS and those at risk of contracting HIV. Our services are available to all with special emphasis on serving residents from communities of color in Northern New Mexico." POCAF website 17-Dec-98.

Location: based in Santa Fe.
Service area: Northern New Mexico.

Source info
Jerry Cheney alerted me to the website url and correct phine number. Check out Jerry's info, on Friendly New Mexicans. (20 Jan 1999)

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See People of Color AIDS Foundation, above.

Pride Gym is listed under Albuquerque Gathering places, health clubs & fitness centers. Pride Gym

Contact / Owner: David Bedford

Pride Gym

Clientele: Men
Location: Albuquerque, near Old Town
Service area: Anyone living in or passing through Albuquerque, NM

Source info
JCL is a proud member of Pride Gym, and is grateful for its presence in the community. (28-Dec-98)

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Primetimers New Mexico Primetimers New Mexico

Phone: 505.247.3309

Primetimers New Mexico is a social group for mature gay men in Albuquerque.

Location: Albuquerque

Source info
JCL keeps seeing flyers at Pride Gym that look really interesting. (28-Dec-98)

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