On 19-March-97, by a 32-18 vote, the Chicago City Council passed the
ordinance providing benefits to cover the same-sex domestic partners of
Chicago city government employees.


                           O R D I N A N C E


     SECTION 1. Chapter 2-152 of the Municipal Code of Chicago is hereby
amended by inserting a new Section 2-152-072, as follows:

2-152-072   Eligibility for benefits - Qualified domestic partners.

     A qualified domestic partner, as defined in this section, of an
individual employed by the city of Chicago shall be eligible for the
same benefits, including but not limited to health coverage, as are
available to the spouse of an individual employed by the city of

     To be eligible for coverage as a qualified domestic partner, the
City employee and the domestic partner must complete and file with the
department of personnel an "Affidavit of Domestic Partnership" in which
they attest that:

     (A)   They are each other's sole domestic partner, responsible for
           each other's common welfare, and

     (B)   Neither party is married, and

     (C)   The partners are not related by blood closer than would bar
           marriage in the State of Illinois, and

     (D)   Each partner is at least 18 years of age, and the partners
           are the same sex, and the partners reside at the same
           residence, and

     (E)   Two of the following four conditions exist for the partners:

           1.   The partners have been residing together for at least
                twelve (12) months prior to filing the Affidavit of
                Domestic Partnership.

           2.   The partners have common or joint ownership of a

           3.   The partners have at least two of the following

                a.   Joint ownership of a motor vehicle;
                b.   A joint credit account;
                c.   A joint checking account;
                d.   A lease for a residence identifying both domestic
                     partners as tenants.

           4.   The City employee declares that the domestic partner is
                identified as a primary beneficiary in the employee's

     In addition to the foregoing, for a domestic partner to be
qualified, the parties must agree to notify the department of personnel
of any change in the circumstances which have been attested to in the
documents qualifying a person for coverage as a domestic partner.

     Following the termination of a domestic partnership, a minimum of
twelve months must elapse before a City employee is eligible to
designate a new domestic partner.

     The commissioner of personnel is hereby authorized to promulgate
regulations to effectuate the purposes of this section. The regulations
shall provide that any person who submits false information in
connection with this section, including an affidavit that contains
inaccurate information, shall be subject to discipline as set forth in
the city personnel rules.

SECTION 2.  This ordinance shall take effect 30 days after its passage
and publication.