Militia Groups


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The modern day militia movement (if a single homogeneous movement can be said to exist), contains elements of agreement with the Religious Right, as well as elements of opposition to the Religious Right. It is, at the same time, nativist, populist and authoritarian, traits shared by the more mainstream Religious Right, and individualist, libertarian, and anti-authoritarian, traits which are fundamentally in opposition to the Religious Right.

While the militia movement contains many who are adherents to Christian Identity and White Supremacism, some of whom are in positions of authority, power and influence within the movement, those who hold these views are by no means predominant or ascendant within the militia movement. The militia movement is not, in and of itself a Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist or Racist movement.

The militia movement also contains many who are adherents of the various "New World Order" Conspiracy Theories.

Anti-Militia Information

The Militia Watchdog
"Exploring the Connections: Militias and Anti-Gay Rhetoric"
NGLTF Op-ed by Scot Nakagawa.
lterNet's Militias in America, 1995
Alternet's Update on militia activity
Alternet's Information on Militias
Militia Nation by Chip Berlet and Matthew N. Lyons
Armed Militias, Right Wing Populism, & Scapegoating by Chip Berlet
NEW! Freedom Writer, October 1996, Book Review: American Militias & American Extremists by Steven Jonas
Freedom Writer, October 1996, "Militias and the Religious Right" by Kenneth S. Stern

Militia Organizations

NEW! The Spotlight
NEW! Bo Gritz
NEW! American Patriot Network
NEW! The Common Law Court of the United States of America
NEW! The Mustard Seed
Patriots for a Constitutional America
Christian Survival Intelligence Network
Firearms & Liberty
Patriot archives
Free America
The Independence Web Page
The Paul Revere Network
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
The Right To Keep and Bear Arms

State Militia Organizations

Alabama Militias
Georgia Constitutional Militia
Central Michigan Regional Militia, 15th Brigade
52nd Missouri Militia
Militia of Montana
North Carolina Citizen Militia
E Pluribus Unum, affiliated with the Ohio Unorganized Militia
Central Ohio Unorganized Militia
Stark County Unit of the Ohio Unorganized Militia
Pennsylvania Patriot Resource Center, affiliated with the Pennsylvania Citizens Militia
South Carolina Civilian Militia Corps
Texas Constitutional Militia
Republic of Texas
Virginia Citizen's Militia

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