Convo '99 Registration Form
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$ _______________  registration fee enclosed

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Cost:	$99.00 ages 21 through 59
	$49.00 ages under 21 or 60 and over
	Registration includes 6 meals and full program

For further registration information contact Hugh Fordyce, 404-252-6268,

Make checks payable to Convo '99
Do not register by return email.
Mail registration form and workshop choices with check or money order to:
          Convo '99
          Unitarian Universalist Congregation Atlanta
          1911 Cliff Valley Way
          Atlanta, GA  30329


A number of workshops will be offered emphasizing our theme "Let Your UU Light
Shine".  To aid our planning, please indicate your choices in order of
preference:  (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.):

 1. _____ Welcoming Congregation Update  The new revisions to the Welcoming
          Congregation materials.  Meeting objections of non-gay members who
          fear becoming a "gay church".

 2. _____ Legal Issues of g/l/b/t/ Persons  What is happening in various state
          legislatures with same sex unions?  What are the rights of partners
          in same sex unions?

 3. _____ Adopting and/or Raising Children in a g/l/b/t Home  What are the
          joys and concerns?Outreach by UUA to g/l/b/t families.

 4. _____ Being Healthy and Gay  Can we ever go back to unprotected sex?
          What's the latest news about AIDS?

 5. _____ Marketing Interweave  How can we market our message on a limited
          budget? Effective displays at Pride Week functions.

 6. _____ Explaining and Understanding All The 'Trans' Words  What is the
          difference between Transgender, Transexual, and Transvestites?
          What terminology is preferred by our transgender members?

 7. _____ Fund Raising For Your Group  What are the critical factors in a
          successful campaign?

 8. _____ Successful Interweave Groups in Larger and Smaller Congregations
          Common factors among successful groups.

 9. _____ UU's and the Boy Scouts  What are the issues?  What is being done?

10. _____ Queers and Other Labels  Does it matter what we call ourselves or
          what others call us?

11. _____ Cross-Cultural Understanding of Gayness  A discussion of how ethnic
          and racial groups have different understandings and perceptions of
          same sex orientations.

12. _____ Being Out to Your Kids and Family  What are the issues, dangers and

13. _____ Dealing With the Loss of a Loved One  How can we best help others
          who have lost lovers through death or separation?  How can we help
          ourselves to overcome such a loss?

14. _____ Positioning For the Future  g/l/b/t interaction with Fulfilling The
          Promise Committee.

15. _____ Personal Finances of Gay Couples  Practical solutions regarding such
          issues as budgeting, planning for retirement, and the degree of
          independence needed for couples or individuals.