Convo'96 Youth Program

ATTENTION: YRUU and ALL TEENS and Youth Advisors

Lesbian, gay, bisexual youth, friends and allies, and teens exploring their sexual orientation are invited to a weekend of sharing, growing, fun and fellowships.

Madison, Wisconsin, USA
February 16-18, 1996

Convo96 Youth Program provides a safe, supportive and enriching environment for teens 14 and over. Adult advisors welcome.

WORKSHOPS (in addition to regular conference events)
Coming Out/Suppport from family and friends
Fighting the Right
Dealing with homophobia at school
Drugs and alcohol / Teen suicide / AIDS
Is your church/youth group a safe haven?
Coping with the dating scene / Proms!?!
On a donation basis (suggested $35-50); some scholarships available. Includes housing (we'll camp in the church) and meals (Fri support thru Sunday lunch - we'll all have a chance to cook.)
CONTACT FOR REGISTRATION, what to bring, etc.:
Martha Popp
2623 Chaimberlain Ave.
Madison WI 53705

Phone: 608-238-8662

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