MORNING (I): 10:45-12:15

A. Starting A Local Interweave Group
Annie Holmes, Minister of Bradford UU Church, Kenosha. Sharing our stories, our pain, and our dreams, we can go beyond the Welcoming Congregation to become a stronger people, and Interweave can provide the vehicle.
B. The Dynamics Of Coming Out
Sue Hunter has worked in the mental health field for 15 years, presents on G/L/B issues in a variety of settings. Describing the initial and life-long issues involved in coming out, this combination of lecture and discussion will also look at the coming out process through the eyes of family and friends and through shared stories.
C. Interfaith Dialogue Among G/L/B/T Groups
Susan Fischer, Chair of Wisconsin Conference of Churches Task Force on Sexual Orientation. We will talk about the G/L/B/T situation in some denominations and connect with each by sharing stories and strategies. We're hoping to leave this workshop with not only new ideas but also a renewed sense of fellowship, and the reminder and reassurance that we do not do this work in isolation.
D. HIV & AIDS: Latest News And Review Of Basic Understanding
Dr. George Gay, gay and out family physician with sizable AIDS practice in rural Wisconsin. Current understanding of AIDS causes and effects will be reviewed, emphasizing recent developments affecting therapy. An important sub-topic will be access to health care for PWAs, and for all gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people.
Y. A dialogue with Tammy Baldwin (Keynote Speaker)
Z. Continental Divide: The US and Canada
Ellen Campbell, Executive Director of the Canadian Unitarian Counsel / Conseil Unitarian du Canada.

AFTERNOON (II): 2:00-3:30

E. Reaching Out To Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Youth
Martha Popp, high school teacher, teen support group facilitator, speech pathologist, lesbian parent for 22 years. An informal sharing time for youth and adults to close the generation gap by listening to the concerns of the teens. Explore the issues in planning for support and advocacy in our communities and churches.
F. Diana And The Faeries: Paganism Among G/L/B/Ts
Nancy Vedder-Shults, longtime bisexual pagan and spirituality presenter nation-wide who has recorded _Chants for the Queen of Heaven_; Nancy Graham, social and political activist, G/L/B/T ally, UU/pagan. Within a ritual format, we will affirm and celebrate ourselves as G/L/B/T UU pagans. We will explore the diversity of our deities, and discuss how our perspectives are shaping neo-paganism, the youngest of religions.
G. Farm Boys: Lives Of Gay Men From The Rural Midwest
Will Fellows, writer and researcher. Combining history and entertainment in this little-known aspect of the gay experience, Will's book will be published in mid-'96. Along with the stories of farmers who also happen to be gay, the author will show accompanying slides, spanning 80 years of Midwest farm life.
H. HIV/AIDS: Support And Ministry
Ed Frock and Jennifer Justice both attended Harvard Divinity School and now work at the Universalist Meeting House in Provincetown. Ed is the Assistant Minister for AIDS ministry. Exploring both theoretical and practical considerations, we will offer some criteria for assessing the effectiveness of religiously-based responses to HIV/AIDS, and discuss the creation, mission, and programs of Provincetown's AIDS Ministry.
J. Weaving The Fabric Of Diversity
Introduction to a new UUA curriculum designed to help our congregations become inclusive of all to whom we have sometimes (often unknowingly) closed our doors.

AFTERNOON (III): 3:45-5:15

K. Planting Seeds Of Justice Through Gay And Lesbian Parenting
Sunshine Jones, a lesbian mother, a partner in a 17-year marriage, and a lay minister at James Reeb Unitarian Universalist Church, Madison. How do we as G/L/B/T parents embody our spiritual values in our family life? We will discuss how we can use the strength we gain from living in G/L/B/T families to nurture compassionate hearts, justice-making, celebration of life, and respect for the interdependent web of life.
L. Welcoming Congregations: The Program, The Process, The Problems
Jonalu Johnstone, Minister at James Reeb UU Church, Madison (this church is 1/3 G/L/B/T). For members of WCs and wannabees, we'll discuss how to do it and what to do after you've done it. Bring your successes and failures, your confusions and answers; all input will be passed on to the UUA Office of Lesbian, Bisexual, and Gay Concerns.
M. Strengthening Our Intimate Relationships
Mare Chapman and Vida Groman
N. Transgender Issues
Pamela Maher
O. Bisexual Issues
Steve Hollingsworth and Alan Hamilton

ALL AFTERNOON (IV): using both afternoon time slots

P. Leadership: Seeing Yourself As A Change Agent
Laurie Frank, community activist and educator for 25 years who has presented on leadership issues in a variety of settings; Candace Peterson, teacher/trainer who has worked in community development for 20 years. Through experiential activities and discussion, participants will explore and develop their understanding of leadership, and their own gifts and talents as agents of change.
Q. Confronting Racism
Leon Spencer, Black Concerns Working Group

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