U N I T A R I A N   U N I V E R S A L I S T   I N T E R W E A V E   C O N V O C A T I O N

CONVO 2001: A Personal, Political, and Spiritual Odyssey will be held February 22-25, 2001 at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, VA (UUCAVA). This 17th annual assembly of Interweave will provide a wealth of opportunities to explore personal, political, and spiritual issues through a wide array of activities and workshops.  Interweave Continental, Inc. is a membership organization affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA).  It is dedicated to the spiritual, political, and social well-being of Unitarian Universalists (UU) who confront oppression as lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender persons, and their heterosexual allies to facilitate the celebration of the culture and lives of its members.


On February 23-25 keynoters and workshops will address a variety of issues of concern to people of different sexual orientations and their allies.  All candidates for President of the UUA have been invited to attend and speak at Convo 2001.  A special feature will be the Labyrinth open walk.


On February 22-23, the Nation's Capitol will be the site of pre-conference activities to be hosted by the Rev. Meg Riley, the Director of The Washington Office for Faith in Action.  She represents the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations to the United States Congress and Administration on legislative and public policy matters on issues supported by social witness positions passed by the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly.  In her Briefing on Our Common Agenda for Justice Rev. Riley will explain how the office participates in religious and secular coalitions, engages in direct advocacy, and conveys opportunities for action to UU activists.  After breakfast on Capitol Hill we hope to arrange a briefing by the Honorable Barney Frank, member of Congress.

Where to Stay

A block of affordable rooms has been reserved for Convo 2001 participants at hotels near the church.  Home hospitality will also be offered.

How to Get There by Plane/Train/Car

Convo is very near two airports (National & Dulles) and close to Union Station.  Metroliner service goes to and from National Airport and shuttles are available from BWI and Dulles.

For Further Information

To get on our mailing list to receive official registration materials when they become available, print out the CONVO 2001 Early Interest form and mail it to Convo 2001, UUCAVA, 4444 Arlington Boulevard, Arlington VA 22204.

Or contact:

Or check the UUCAVA website: http://www.uucava.org

U N I T A R I A N   U N I V E R S A L I S T   C H U R C H   O F   A R L I N G T O N ,   V I R G I N I A

A "Welcoming Congregation" since 1992, the church is across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. The Welcoming Congregation Program facilitates efforts to reduce prejudice by increasing both understanding and acceptance among people of different sexual orientations. Both team ministers support this outreach: the Rev. Joan Gelbein, called in 1988, and the Rev. Michael McGee, called in 1999. Church Music Director Ray Killian also conducts the Lesbian and Gay Chorus of Washington, DC.  The congregation recently celebrated their 50th anniversary and has over 1,000 members and friends which make it one of the Top 10 UU Congregations.  It is also home to the Labyrinth Project.

About UU Beliefs and Actions:

Unitarian Universalists think our own thoughts, always valuing the critical questions as much as the available answers. We are open to new knowledge and bold ideas. Ours is a tradition of strong and prophetic voices calling for a larger vision of life. Of major religious bodies, we have among our professional ministers by far the highest percentage of women and of openly bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender ministers. Unitarian Universalists have long called for the full inclusion of bisexual, gay, and lesbian people in church and society. Here is the record. Meeting in our annual General Assemblies, Unitarian Universalists have: